Friday, November 30, 2012

Week 9: The Day to Day Play by Play & A Happy Halloween

Hola Fam Bam!! Wow.... what a week! So much happens in a week.... its just crazy. I hope this finds everyone doing so well and enjoying and loving life =) This week Im going to try something that my friend Elder Schwab says he does. Ill take like a paragraph and answer questions and stuff from the emails this week and such, and then give like day to day updates with some of the stories and announcements that happened this week. 

So, to start out.... Loved the pics this week =) SO AWESOME that you got to go home austin =) I was so happy for you! Obviously we beat amador =) haha. And everyone looks sooooo good in the pics of all the family together =) seriously..... Austin and Spencer look so buff and just so handsome =) Madi.... you look gorgeous!! you are so cute in your braces and you are rocking basketball it sounds like =) and parker you look so happy and good =) you are so big and buff too!  AND Mom =)=) Dang!! the working out is paying off cuz you are looking soooooo good as usual =) and Dad... you too! You both look so good =) I hope you all had a great HaLLOween. Loved your costumes! And I loved the pics of camis baby =) send my congrats! And I pray for Grandma Hansen =) Love her so much! Thanks Grandma for the update from Caleb and from you and the fam =) love getting those! Mom... you dont need to forward the emails from John Hokanson. Thanks though! Hayley, Im glad you are doing so good =) and finally got my letter!! I hope Cass and Ash and Taryn have gotten all of theirs =) haha. Thanks for the christmas packages that are on their way too!! And btw Hayley.... loved the online album thing!!! That worked soooooo well!!! Soo cool =) I wont be able to send letters this week cuz we arent sending the vallija back.... but next week more letters will be out on their way!! Im picking up mail today  so Ill get more Dear Elders from everyone today =) and letters! haha. 

Well, this week was great so here we go! 

Monday October 29th! Great P Day. We wrote, did laundry, had pizza for lunch with soem of our favorite members, and then relaxed a little. We had district meetings whihc was fun =) we have a new elder in our zone named Elder Hauser from BYU.... we recognized each other and so are having fun comparing who we knew at BYU =) lol. After we had a noche de hogar with the fam Mireles Mokul =) she makes cakes for a living and we taught the Restoration and then asked for references and she made us amazing pancakes =) haha. Hot cakes they call them here. 

Tuesday October 30th! Our showers have been freezing every morning lately!!!! SOOOOO COOOLLLDDD!! haha. But its ok cuz I dont have to deal with cold weather like all the other missionareis =) tylers freezing his butt off right now lol. I also had a great lesson personally this morning. I focused on studying and praying about hwo I can best focus on my mission and not be distracted by stuff. I came to realize with the Lords help that I can have all my friends and family at home, and they can be writing me, and I can think about them every P Day cuz those are the days that we raise our periscopes from the submarine of missionary life =) but the other days I have been really focusing on the work... and not thinking about missing everyone, only in my prayers when I pray for you all by name =) that works so well!! I find throughout the week I still get little reminders of the fam and friends but I am able to focus on the work I have too =) having the best family and friends at home praying and rooting for me is the best thing ever =) Know that I am trying  as hard as I can to focus and work as hard as I possibly can. I miss you family soooooo much.... but love you sooooo much and that is why I am doing a mission =) serving those who dont know that hteir families can be together forever, and teaching them that they can be together forever!! Its amazing =) hard... but so worth it. Also.... it was cold that night in Cancun!! everyone was wrapped in blankets and sweaters lol. 

Wednesday October 31st!! halloween =) HAPPY HALLOWEEN! haha. We carved a pumpkin today =) outside our house with a member named Jesus from another ward but who loves to help all the missioaries out. he is 20 and preparing for his mission! Our convert alysia told us today that she is leaving for Tabasco this weekend so that was sad. I also went on Divisions for the first time! we had splits tonight with the Elders Quruom president and I went with him and visited 3 families =) all in Spanish!!! it was so good. haha. 

Thursday ovember 1st! Elder Bartons birthday was today so I got him a bunch of junk from the gas station the night before and set it all up and sang him happy birthday when we got up!! It was fun. We had lessons all day and Orlando and Mariela =) orlando is a member and Mariela is getting baptized as soon as we get their marriage papres got us a cake =) then Hermana Febe and Nerie made us a huge dinner and cake and we had a lesson and party over there with their whole family =) so fun!! 

Friday November 2nd.. we had a zone conference meeting. It was announced that in this mission, and I dont know about any other yet, but im sure it will be.... that we are not allowed to knock doors anymore. THere is no more tracting in missionary work!!! We are only to work with members and get references =) its super cool. We get to work so closely with the ward and members, and investigators will be from members so they can be their friends =) it is against the rules to knock a random door, unless we are specifically prompted by the Spirit. So cool =)  After that we had divisions with the Zone leaders and I had Elder Vasquez from Mexico City. We were in our area and it was awesome!! i showed him the whole area and we had appts and lessons and we talked all spanish =) it was so fun and we had a blast!! It was fun having a native comp... and im excited to have more in the future. We taught a new investigator named Yolanda, and she had questions of the plan of Salvation so we taught it to her, and she recognized it immediately =) it was so cool cuz in my patriarchal blessing it talks about how we will teach the Plan of salvation on my mission and there will be those who recognize it =) i felt the Spirit working with her and teaching her the truth of it =) so awesome!!

Saturday November 3rd... Today was great =) we had an awesome lesson with Eduardo... who also needs to get married for his baptism. But his wife doesnt want it. So... hge is thinking about moving out till she does. Its a crazy hard decision.... but he knows the church is true and he is so humble and sincere. I love him =) 

Sunday November 4th =) Had hermana Neries baptismal invterview today for tUESDAY!! She is so excited and her whole familyu is coming. We also worked withgthe Ward Council and are super excited for our ward activity this Tuesday night before the baptism!! we will have so many people coming =) 

So,,,l that was my week!!! It was pretty good =) we are super excited to work so hard with the members and teach lots of people. Cant wait for our baptism this Tuesday =) and we are starting to teach her whole family =) I hope this ifnds all of you well and loving life!! I pray for you all every day and love you all soooooooo much!!! Cant even put it into typed words how much I love you all and miss you =) I know this Church is true with all my heart =) 

With all my love, Elder Hoyt =) Seth =) Little Seth =) Sethie Poo =) 

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