Friday, November 30, 2012

Week 7: Blessings, Priesthood Power & The Day in the Life of a Missionary

Hola Fam Bam and amazing friends =) Hola from Cancun Mexico haha. It has been HOT this past week, sweating is an all day experience lol. But, the work is great, the Church is true, and I have the best support from home that I could possibly have =) Let me start with just a couple things and then Ill get to my week =)
Mom and Dad, I had to take money out this week cuz we went to Merida in the beginning of the month and bus tickets are so expensive and they havent refunded us yet! So I had to take money out. I usually can make it through the month I think, as long as we dont have any weird things happen haha. Like being illegal and having to go to Merida! lol. So make sure I have some in there still. I should have money in there lol.
Also, we found out last week that the Zone Leaders had a bunch of our mail at their house. They told me they had liuke 30 letters for me!!! haha. So theres all my mail haha. I have no idea why they hadnt been handing it out. So Ill get that all tonight. Finally all of Hayleys letters and Taryn and the fam and Suzie and everyone else =) I cant wait!! haha.
Everyone looks so good in their pics!!! Madi looks like she had so much fun with her friends in Ross and in Tahoe =) hope the tourney wenbt well! Glad your job is going well Mom. And the house looks amazing!!!!! Im so excited for you all to move in =) Dad looks great as well and I hope work is going well! Spencer.... I cant believe youre driving!! I remember when Mom and I first drove down the highway from Jackson. She about had a heart attack lol.! hahaha. And Parker you are 10 and so big =) There is a boy in our ward that looks like you and Im good friends with him haha. hes 10 and I always think of you!! And austin, you look amazing and that is so fun you got to meet Hayleys fam =) and I love you too hayley!! And I hope Cass is doing well, and Taryn and Ashley =) Love you all!
So, last week Dad was asking about the food of Mexico and how that is all going. Frankly, its amazing!!! haha. Its cool cuz here in Cancun there are a lot of types of Mexicans from all over the country cuz they come to work here in the hotels. So Ive met people from Michoucan =) thought of you Dad!!! And veracruz, guadalajara, DF (Mexico City), Puebla, Tijuana, all over!!!! and they all have different types of foods. The tortillas are amazing =) daily I have like 20 haha. Theyre the small type and are made all over in tortillerias =) You eat them with every meal. We do breakfast in our house. I make eggs and avocado, or cereal and bananas and yogurt, I try to eat healthy! Then lunch is always the biggest meal and is at 2. Ive had mole, enchiladas, tacos de pollo, carne, and yes, ive had some chiles! HOT! haha. My favorite meal so far has been tacos de pollo from a road side taco stand by our house. ITs like a pro stand haha. DOnt worry mom lol. Its clean =) we get guerras, or like tacos with cheese from juajaca =) so good!! We also eat a ton of burgers, pizzas, and the other day we got taken to the best CHinese food buffet in Cancun!!! It was so good haha. So the food is great. I do workouts every morning so I dont come home fat lol.
Funny thing this past week, a drunk guy during a lesson in front of a house came up to us and said in English whats up! And we kinda ignored him, and then he said cuidado porque los Mormones son... some word. We found out after....he called us child molesters!!! hahaha. The family was like uhh.... lol. They didnt believe him but we found out the word for that lol.
So this past week we had like 26 lessons, and we are really focusing on working with the members. I have been reading Jesus the Christ and am loving that!! The Saviors life and ministry was so filled with miracles and I love reading about all of the parables and how they apply to our lives today!! Im also reading the Book of Mormon in Spanish. Slow, but Im doing it haha.
So, I havent told you what a daily schedule is like yet. So, we get up at 6=30 every morning. I wake up and pray, then sit there for a minute or two trying to shake off the sleep hahaha. THen go to the bathroom and put music on (EFY =)) haha. Then work out. I do push ups and sit ups and jumps and work with the band. Im coming home not fat and with more muscle then when I left. Im determined!! Then I usually go shower first and get all ready and be back down by liuke 7=30 to eat breakfast and start personal study. From 8 to 9 we have personal study, which I love!!! Then companionship study from 9 to 11, 2 hours for training the new missionaries, and when Im done with this transfer Ill be trained and then well have 1 hour of comp study. And then an hour of language. So we leave the house at noon after a little snack. Then we go out and work for 2 hours till lunch at 2, and then work till 9 at night when we come back to the house!! We are teaching about 24 people right now, and the hardest part is getting them all to church lol. Cuz without church, they cant be baptized!!! But we had 4 this past week, so that was great. =)
I miss you all sooooo much but know that this work is true. Jesus is my Savior and whenever I miss any of you a ton, I just think of that. I remember the Lords sacrifice for me, and how through the Atonement I can be cleanses of my sins and weaknesses that I daily work at overcoming, and I can also receive comfort. Then, I go to work. work is the secret!!! haha. I love working haha.
So, to finish the email this week Ill end with a very spiritual experience we had. Saturday our investigator who is golden Nerie, tried to pick up her grandaughter and did somehting really bad to her back. She thought she would be better for church, so set her clothes out and everything to go the next morning. She woke up even worse!!! So, right after church we went over with Hermana Febe, her friend, and gave her a blessing. I got to do the annointing all in Spanish cuz weve been practicing it lol. Then Elder Barton gave the blessing. The spirit was soooooo strong, I know the Priesthood is real. After, Nerie and Hermana Febe were bawling, and Nerie said that power is of God. It was amazing and truly strengthened my testimony so much of the Priesthood =)
I know that power is real, and through that power we will be together forever as a family =) Ive already been gone 5 months family!!! its crazy!!! So the next only 19 months will fly by, and then we all have eternity to look forward to =)
I think of you each daily and pray for you all!!! I love you all sooooo much and always will =)
With all my love, Elder Hoyt =) seth!

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