Friday, November 30, 2012

Week 6: One Transfer In & It Just Keeps Getting Better!

Hola Fam Bam and beautiful friends =) I love you all and this past week was the best one of my mission, besides the baptisms Ive had lol. Im so excited to tell you all about it =) hopefully you just got the pics and loved those! I looooovvveeedddd the pics for this week both from Mom of Tahoe, and Grandmas 60th! WOW Grandma! 60 and still looking as beautiful as you do =) how lucky I am! And loved Hayleys pics that she sent. So fun to see you all and you all look gorgeous! Hope the family is doing well and everyone is safe =)
Im sooooo excited for austin to start his papers now... hes working on them now probably! AHHH! Thats so awesome that we will see each other sooner. And Madi and Spencer and Parker look adorable =) and Mom you look great and Dad as well! So excited for your new job Mom! The blessings surely never stop. And theyre about to double! haha.
So last week we didnt get any mail cuz the Zone Leaders didnt get it cuz we didnt have District Meeting. So tonight Ill get two weeks worth! Hopefully all the Dear Elders that Hayley and Taryn and the Fam have sent that I havent gotten yet. And I hope my letters are getting to people! Ive written Hayley, Ashley, and Taryn, and just sending Cassidys out today!
Well, this week was one of the best weeks ever. My testimony was strengthened so much and it was so fun. I love being a missionary and its crazy that today I have been in Mexico for a full 6 weeks! 1 transfer in. My comp and I are still together and will be till he leaves the end of this transfer =)
So, I will start by telling a story from this week. We have an Hermana in our ward named Hermana Febe. She is in her late 50s and once was the ambassador from Cancun to China! Shes amazing and her family is so cool. We are really good friends with them and they feed us a lot lol. So, she had a neighbour that she really wanted to hear the Gospel. So, she invited us over and we met with her. Her name is Narie, and she has a husband and 3 children, and is raising her Grandaughter cuz her son is having some problems. Her granddaughter is 4 and has muscular dystrophy, but is the cutest thing ever! She is so full of life, and even though she only can take like 3 steps here and there, is always so happy. So, we taught Narie the Restoration, and the Spirit testifieed to all that what was being spoken of was true. Narie felt it and said she wanted to be baptized! We set it up for the 30th of this month, and she said she would come to church. Our next lessons was 2 days later and we taught the Plan of Salvation. I had gotten in Boise from the Internet cutouts of the Plan of Salvation that I colored and translated lol. And we use those to teach the Plan of Salvation =) We taught it and the Spirit was again so strong. Narie was almost crying and she said that she has been waiting to hear this purpose in her life, and the beautiful message of the Resurrection where her grandaughter will be able to walk and use her hands perfectly. Sunday came and she came to church with HErmana Febe and her whole family. Narie brought her whole family!! It was so cool. Also, we had 4 other investigators show up Sunday who weve been trying to get there for like 4 weeks! The Lord blessed us so much and my testimony was strengthened so much.
So this past week we have been teaching the Plan of Salvation a lot, cuz we seem to teach in like a loop ahhaha. I studied and read and prayed about the Plan of Salvation this week and cant get enough of it. I love the Plan of Salvation, the sense of purpose that it gives all of us here on Earth, the fact that I can be together forever with you family, and with my wife some day =) I know the Plan of Salvation is true and I love testifying of it!
We are really working on working with the members here. I love my ward so much!!! We are really making friendships and working at having a family home evening with members every night of the week with investigators! Its funny. THe Church is a little different here. They are very new at it, and sometimes dont know what to do. THe missionaries get looked at a lot to lead the way, and at times its intimidating. But such a blessing lol. Makes me want to learn everything I can about the Church. PMG is so important and I love the idea of using that in your Family Home Evenings =) also.... I cant wait for spencer to serve at 18 and that is sooooo cool that Madi wants to serve now too!
I know this Church is so true, for so many different reasons. THis week it is the Plan of Salvation and the way the SPirit helps me with SPanish. I can now talk with someone, set up a return appointment, talk with them about their work and family, about me, show them pictures that I have (I got a photo album a little one that we carry around, cuz we use pics of our fam in our lessons lol) and yea. Everyone says for one month my Spanish is amaizng! I am learning so much. I know I have so far to go, but I also know that I have angels with me daily. I know that I can rely on my brother, my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ daily whenever I need help.
A mission is the best experience of my life and I have like a week till Ive been gone for 5 months! So crazy. Ill get those pics to you for my 6 month Hayley!! And I agree with you about your decision about the mission. Love you best friend =) and Cass you have a letter coming! As well as Taryn and Ash! lol. I have the best girlfriends at home and the best guy friends =) at home and our serving missions! I love you all.
The mission is very difficult at times. My companion and I though work together through out problems with investigators and we have fun and laugh with each other. We have so many jokes and love the time we have here.
Well, this week was just so awesome and I love being able to write to you all about it. Im blessed cuz I can type super fast! (thanks iphone and texting) hahahaha. It was funny... this morning we went to Wal Mart and got stuff. It felt so like home lol. I heard Taylor Swift playing and thought of Madi and sang it out loud for you =) I saw a shoe polish I was getting that said El Oso hahahA. Thought of you Dad. And of course shopping the whole time I thought of Mom lol. Saw the video games and thought of Spencer and Parker and Austin and I when we picked 4000 weeds at a penny a weed to buy a computer game lol!!!! Laughed out loud. I think of you all daily and pray for you nightly =) I love you all and am so proud for how you are all doing! I have been collecting stuff to send home. I got some presents and stuff for Christmas for you all last week at Market 28. Im giong to print pics off and stuff too.I just dont know exactly when I can get it off.... so it might not be there before Chrsitmas hahah. BUt ill try!!! I think I got everything this week. Cant wait for Dear Elders and mail tonight... and to go back to work tomorrow! The mission is like a submarine... 6 days of the week we are submerged and Mondays we raise our periscope a little!!! haha.
I love you all so much and pray for each of you nightly by name =) Know that this Church is sooooo true. And that I am doing well =) safe and happy. These months are flying by and before we know it Ill be home!!!! =) love you!!!!!
With all my love,
Elder Hoyt =) Sethie Poo =) Little Seth =) Seth =)

Elder Hoyt cutting one of his fellow elder's hair! First hair cut in Mexico. Along with that, Elder Hoyt also buzzed his hair so he would have less to manage! No more fohawk for this Elder! 

Elder Hoyt & Elder Barton in front of the beautiful Merida Temple.

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