Friday, November 30, 2012

Week 8: 30 Letters & Buckets of Showers

Wow family!! Who can believe that  its just about November =) this week will be 2 months in Mexico, and just like a couple weeks and then Ill have been gone for 6 months! I hope this finds all of the fam bam and friends amazing and doing well =)  I love you all so much. So much happened this week and I have so much to write, so here we go =)
First off, I got all my letters finally!!! 30 of them =) haha. The ZL came into our district meeting and   said he had an announcement. It was so funny.... he looked all serious and then  said well... elders we have a problem with girls in the mission. All of us were like oh no!!!! haha. Then he pulled literally A STACK!! of letters... and said this was all for me =) everyone was like OOOHHHH!! haha. So I got 30. It was funny. Dear Elders from Daviss, Johnsons, Mallorie,   Suzie, Gaylene, Sam Roberts, Hayley, and my amazing family =)   It was so fun reading all of them.
So yes mom,  I did take money out again this week. I am sorry!! but... we pulled a surprise trip to Merida again thsi week lol. The executive secretary, named Elder Barrows and I love him! called and said all the new missionaries had to go to do their final signautre and paper work to be official, all the new ones have to.  HE said I could wait till next month, but then Id spend all my money for that month. So i took money outk, so that I wont have to take money out again lol. So sorry,,, I swear Im being prudent =) haha. Im learning to be frugal haha. One of the goals of the mission for me huh parents? =) lol. But Merida was aweso me. I got to go with    2 other of the new missionaries, Elder Valdivia from Bolivia. He and I are in the same zone and I just love him so much!! we are such good friends. And Elder Salimbene from Ohio. He is great too! We all got on the bus without our senior companions and did just great =) We watched movies on the bus lol. So that was fun. Prince of PErsia and Pirates lol.
In Merida we went to the office of Immigration, and we saw our other new companions there. Elder Estrada went with me to BYU and i knew him there, and Elder Jaussi is from Utah and he and I get along soooo well. We talked for like 3 of our 5 hour wait hahaha. It was long and hot, but great =) after we all got chinese food, and went to the office and got mail where I got more Dear Elders from the fam and Suzie  ( I havent gotten all of Hayleys that shes sent) haha. Ive gotten 2 from her so far. I hope people are getting my letters!  But after we went to the temple and we sat there for a bit. THe Spirit is so strong at the temple and I love being able to be there. I cant wait to someday go and get married there. But first, my mission =) I just felt an overwhelming sense of the Spirit while sitting there, just so calm. And then I read the Dear Elders from you Mom and Dad, and just felt so good =) it was so happy and I truly felt Heavenly Father looking down on me and feeling such joy for me as I  partook of the spirit of the temple and my eternal family =)
 So Merida was great =) Im going to respond to the dear Elders now. I made some notes to answer ahha.
 Mom, I have that other pair of gray pants that were old ones of Dad and they actually pretty much  match the suit. So thats great =) Thanks though!! I wont need another pair.  I took the other ones to get dry cleaned, and then havent gotten back yet. Hopefrully theyre not lost!!! lol.
  Spencer and Madi are making such good choices with school and friends and everything. Im so proud of them =) continue making those choices  guys =) I love you both so much!!! And parker too and austin of course =) IM so excited for austin that he gets to go suit up for the game!!! and travel =) and thats so awe some everyone is giong down!! when is that?? Have so much fun!!! Cant wait till we can all go together and watch his games =)
  yes Dad, transfers are every 6 weeks. We are in Week 9 right now, of my first 12 weeks lol. Also, Dad was asking about the  member lessons. So, missions are changing now. We are told to not knock doors. Unless we are specifically inspiried to do so, we are not to knock doors. This is because we are supposed to work with the members. This is where true retention comes in , and it truly truly works!!!  We have FHEs with members and they can invite friends to them, or we ask for references at the end of them. So Mom, you are helping the work by giving them Julies name =) I was also thinking you could try to have a FHE with the missoinaries and maybe Taryn and Carella, or Holly and Kyle =) I   felt insprired to put their names lol. But great job family =) And when austin is out, we truly will be so missioanry minded as a family =) haha.
That is just crazy we could have a Mormon president!!  LEt me know how that goes =)
Yes, Suzie was asking about the weather here   and IM sure everyone is interested. So, it is consistenly year round about 85 degrees, but here in Cancun we have an amazing breeze. So that is super nice =) at night it actually gets chilly, so I love my blanket Mom and that travel pillow is perfect size for the hammocks!!! I still sleep so well so thank you =)
 I love how you worry Mom!!! it is crazy being in mexico, but I love it so much =) Im learning so much and every day see and  hear or do something new. =)  My toes are doing well. haha. The one that got taken out in Boise actually got infected. I just prayed a lot, and cleaned it out nighlty. So its almost completely healed =) I also got another in grown toe nail, but took it out the other night. I know how to take them out now lol. I just pray a lot =)  I trust in the Lord and  President said in my interview this past week that in 2 weeks when we have  Zone COnference if it still hurts to tell him.
So this week we had some adventures. P Day the Bishops family made us lunch adn we  hade donuts on a stick for like a game lol. And we stuffed our mouths with marshmallows and sang hymns. They thought it was hilarious.... it was so fun.
Then we didnt have water for like 5 days so we were showering with Buckets! So we climbed up on the roof and had to mess with the buckets up ther so that was fun.
  Working with the members is just awesome. NExt week we are having an Open House at the church and the entire ward is excited for it. It was my idea to have    an activity, and we have all been planning it =) so even on the mission Im still planning things. Now instead of dates, its missioanry activities lol =) haha.
Hermana Febe, the ambassador sister, is sooooo nice!!! her and her family love us, even her non mbmer  husband =) they have us last night 2 big books all about Cancun!!! they are so cool and I cant wait to  bring them home to show you all =)
 So yea, this past week was  crazy and hectic. But super fun =) in 2 weeks we should baptize Nerie and a boy named Alenjandro that we are working with =)
I love the mission. I love being able to learn every day, and be able to testify of The Plan of Salvation and the restored GOspel.   I feel the SPirit daily, and am focused on doing the best I can and becoming the tool in the hand of the Lord that he wants me to be =)
I love you all so much family and friends!!! I miss you all dialy and pray for your safety =)
 You are all in my thoughts and prayers  =)
With all my love, Elder Hoyt =) Seth =) Sethie Poo =) Little Seth =) Whatever it is that you call me haha.

The beautiful Merida Temple as Elder Hoyt & his fellow elders adventured to Merida.

Elder Hoyt & the new missionaries that he came with. He sure does love them! 

Elder Hoyt with a Mexican brand of shoe polish called "El Oso." This made him think of his dad who they call the bear. :)

Elder Hoyt on the roof of their house! After a few water problems, they had to climb on top of the roof and try to work it out. Showing us the beautiful roof top view! 


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