Thursday, November 29, 2012

Week 5: Letter Overload & General Conference After Math

Hola fam bam!!
Oh my goodness family!!! I have sooooo much much to write. Its just crazy lol. I have 2 pages of written notes from this week to remember to write to you all haha. Know that I am doing so well and loving my mission. So here we go. Ill go through my notes and give my update on the week at the same time lol. Love you all!
Well!! Finally Dear Elders got to me. I guess Dear Elders were down or something so I didnt get them for like 2 weeks. But I get Dear Elders from the family from when they wrote me, Suzie, Gaylene, Gma and Gpa Swearingen, and yea. Then I got 3 letters from Cass, Johnsons, and Rhonda =) So i finally heard from Cass and Im writing you back!! I still havent gotten the Dear Elders from you Hayley.... weird haha. But I loved reading your email =) and the pics are amazing! You are all so gorgeous haha. But I heard I got a lot of Dear Elders this week from the office missionaries lol. So maybe theyre there =) I hope!!
Usually Dear Elders will take 1 to 2 weeks, and letters 3 weeks, and packages 1 to 2 months. so yes please!! Send my christmas packages now =) I would like peanut butter, the gospel art book, pictures =) some cds of gospel music, like the band called the Lower Lights (cuz we have a dvd player in the house for training that plays cds lol) and maybe a piano music one. Ties, snacks haha. IDk whatever you want. But I love pictures and letters. So that would be awesome =) Im doing good on pants and shirts and everything. Only thing is my suit pants are already kinda gross from all the sweat and stuff so it shows on the gray lol. So if you could somehow get a new one of those.... thatd be awesome. No se how haha.
And yes Mom and fam! Sorry.... last week I saw the moon right when you all did and wondered if you were all looking at it too!!! Crazy hahaha. The spirit Im telling you lol.
Well, everyone has been asking how sleeping in a hammock goes. I love it =) I like fall back into sideways kinda of, so it evens out and our backs dont hurt. I have always slept on my stomach and with a very set pattern of sleeping lol. (you know how I sleep family =) hahaha. So I start out on my back now, and then a couple mins in switch to stomach and pull the blanket over my head lol. Its been cool at night lately cuz we have been having so many tropical storms but its been great. So yea... Ill have to teach everyone how to sleep in hammocks when I get back =)
Oh Mom... you are the cutest thing ever =) seriously... number one fan =) I loved how you said you were crying so hard reading about me getting lost in the Mexico airport. I love you so much!!! ITs so true. Those are the experiences that I will look back on with fondness, I already do haha. And those make me more mature =)
Got the dear elder from Gpa and Gma swearingen! Crazy they will be in Cancun haha. Idk if I can see them lol. when will they be here? I heard maybe I could.... but no se lol. But I love them and know they are amazing and will love it here! I cant wait to come back after and go to the beach lol.
To answer the questions from the Dear Elders, my toe is doing just great now. Sometimes sore, it did get infected, but I treated it daily and prayed a lot and its healing lol. Sad mom that you packed up our highschool and college stuff lol. But Im so excited for the new house!! That is so funny that Dad helps spencer with his spanish and they laugh about when I would just ask dad for the answers and he would get mad and send me to the dictionary!! Oh el oso lol. OH I wish I had paid attention hahahaha.
MY spanish is doing well =) I finally dont really get terribly lost.... sometimes i still am so lost, but I can talk now on my own and understand and even call on the phone (with members of investigators Im comfortable with)
Mom, how is the blog going? Have you or Hayley been working on it? lol. Just wondering haha.
Elder Barton is my companion. He is great and from Draper Utah. He went to Alta and leaves in just 1 transfer!! Speaking of!! AHHHH! My tranfser is almost done. Next week Ill have a full transfer in Mexico. Crazy lol.
The fam all sounds so busy, especially you Mom. Glad your liking subbing and everyone looks like they had so much fun at BYU! I love Brandon and am so happy he had that oppurtunity to be there for the game and everything. And hayley! Thanks so much for the pics and your email =) I love them so much and havent gotten your dear elders yet or letters.... but am expecting them soon! Cant wait to get them! And I am also writing every week. Havent missed! haha. Hopefully youre getting them lol. I also wrote cass back this week and Ill get a letter out to the Johnsons soon. I also want to write a letter to the young men of the Ione Ward so Ill work on that haha.
Also, any world news? We heard a rumor that we were going to war with Libya.... is that true? haha. Just curious. Were submerged here in the submarine of misionary work and really dont get to hear or see much about the surface lol.
Update.... they have little caesars here in Cancun. Just thought that would make you laugh family =) hahaha.
Ok.... here we go. Update for this week. So this week was insane! Last P day was awesome. We went to Market 28 and hung out with some other elders in our district. I love them! Then, tuesday we got a call saying that the Executive Secretaries in the mission office had messed up on my visa papers and that I was illegal! they apparently put my birthday in wrong and then sent it in and yea... haha theyre fault. Soooo... they said I had to come to merida to sign the new copy and then I was totally fine. So Wednesday we had to go to MErida. 4 and a half hours on the bus.... at least they were nice and had movies hahahaa. So yes.... on the mission you can sometime see a movie. I fell asleep mostly lol. So we got to Merida and stayed with some elders there that night and then the next morning went and signed the paper. Then ate some food and got back on the bus and went right back. 10 hours on a bus in total. It kinda threw off our work for a couple days lol. But Im not illegal so thats great!
Also General Conference was amazing!!!! Im still on the spiritual high from it lol. And aahhhhhhh!!! Can you believe the announcement about missionaries!!!???!!!! I gasped along with the whole mormon world. Austin... yes! Do it!! leave as soon as you can lol. And now sisters can serve so young. Its amazing! Like Hayley said in her email.... Im sure BYU is just freaking out! So many people will leave on missions and the work will shoot forward.
My favorite talks were Elder Hollands and Elder Bednars. I watched every session in Spanish except the last one which they had in English so that was great.
We also have a brand new family we are teaching named the Bernal family. THey are amazing and golden! Cant wait to get baptized and loved General Conference. They want their young sons to serve missions like us someday they said! THey are really young and have so much potential in the GOspel =)
So wow.... So much happened this week. I love you all and pray for you daily!! Cant wait to hear from you all again this next week and I love you all so much!!
Love, Elder Hoyt =) Seth =)

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