Thursday, November 29, 2012

Week 4: Freezing Water, Warm Hearts & The First Baptism In Espanol.

Hola Fam Bam!! 

WOW! haha. Its week 4 and Ive already been in Mexico for a full month. Ive been out in the field for the same amount of time that I had in the MTC lol. Weird! But I am doing so well. This week was amazing and Im so excited to tell you all about it. Well, let me start off by saying how much I love all of you and miss you all so much. But I know that we will be together forever.... so what is two years that I can give up (or three if your austin) haha to serve those that I am serving. That doesnt mean that it isnt hard. There isnt a day that goes by that I dont think of you all, but the joy I see in my life because of the Gospel and all of our lives because of the Gospel is what I am sharing with those I come in contact with every day. 

This past week I didnt get any Dear Elders but its totally fine cuz I should get some tonight =) but know that Hayley, Taryn, Ashley, and a couple others I have written. So they should be coming if you hadnt gotten that! And ahhhhhh!! Taryn =) Im sooooo excited for you that you got the Disney Internship!! Im so proud =) You have to tell me all about it and I cant wait to get your Dear Elder =) Brandons thing at BYU looked sooooo fun!! IM so glad that turned out so well and everyone got to meet Kylie =) I love her austin already and tell her I say hi =) and thanks for being awesome.

Well, this past week we had a baptism =) =) my first one in Spanish. And.... I got to baptize her =) her name is Alysia and she is 19 and loves the Gospel. She is so excited to serve a mission in 2 years and its all she ever asks us about lol. I learned the Baptismal prayer in Spanish and said it without messing up =) wooooohhhoooo!! haha. All of our baptisms are on Tuesday nights when we have Ward Activity Nights because the whole ward is there. We had a very full room of all the members and it was awesome. I say awesome alot lol. Sorry cuz in spanish its potente! haha. 

So this past week we have been having big tropical storms with tons and tons of rain. Which is fun except when were like sprinting through it to the nearest house of a member or overhang lol. So funny! But when it rains a ton.... the water for the showers gets FREEZING!! So... how the water for the showers work. There is a big tank on every roof that is always filled and all the water falls down with the pull of gravity from that. So.... its never heated or anything so it just depends on the temp outside. So usually its really warm haha. Not super but like.... its feels good. But when its raining..... ahhhhh! So cold haha. But its sunny and hot now.... Im so blessed cuz I really dont sweat a ton. lol. And my sweat doesnt really stink lol. The little blessings of life hahaha. 

We taught about 28 lessons this week. We walked a ton and worked a lot with members a Recent Converts and Less Actives. We are planning a big ward missionary activity that is an open house at the church for like 3 weeks away so we are super excited for that. We are always fed so much, like every visit we either have a huge glass of cold water, or refresco (soda) or mexicana agua =) like horchata!!!! I love orchatta lol. Its awesome. 

So this past week I was able to finish the entire Book of Mormon on my mission. I had restarted in the MTC with a challenge that they gave to all of us, and my goal was to mark anything with the Doctrine of Christ and anything that stuck out to me. So.... 3 and a half months later I finished it. I marked so much and I love reading my notes and highlighted scriptures. I read it in English.... but my next goal is in Spanish, after I finish the new Testament. But.... I took the challenge again to pray about the Book of Mormon and ask if it is true. And just like before.... I received an answer. I know the BOok of Mormon is true... with all my heart I do. The Spirit testified to me in a cool way this time. I felt peace in my heart, and began to randomly think about all that the Gospel and the BOok of Mormon has done for me in my life and in the lives of you my family =) I challenge everyone that reads this to read again the Book of Mormon and pray to know the truthfulness of it, and if you havent read it, get one from my family and read it, because I know it changes lives. Ive seen it already on my mission, the lives of my family, and most importantly, in my life. =) 

Also, I read a talk this past week from the past General Conference... (Which by the way I am sooooo excited for this weekend!!) This talk was by Quentin L. COok and was titled In tune with the Music of Faith. But it is awesome and you should read it. But it talked about how family scripture study is so important. I know that family scripture study was part of the reason my testimony is so strong. Elder Cook talks about how they are not always perfect hahahaha. And he says that Persistence is the key, and a sense of humor. And I Just thought about our family!!! And mom.... when austin and I would say that it is the consistency not the quality that we will remember hahahhaa. IT made me laugh so hard because it is so true. I remember quality lessons. I do... like the one night we watched the video of the teenagers and the red armchair. That was a pivotal spiritual moment for me.... I dont even know if I ever even told you that. But that consistent scirpture study was always there for me.... and was always fun =) 

So today for P day we are washing and then going out to lunch witha couple other elders from our district and then going to a huge outdoor market. Im excited and maybe ill get something for you all! We shall see lol. 

Spanish is going well. Im getting better. Its frusturating at times to not be able to like say exactly what I want to say... but Im getting along and studying hard. My comp has been sick and kinda tired all week... so that was a little hard... but hes feeling better. 

So, Im doing great and loving the work. I miss home and BYU and all my friends so much, but know that what Im doing where is where Im supposed to be. The work is hard, but worth it. I love being here and am learning to throw myself completely into the work. Ill email the siblings again but just wanted to say how much I love all of you =) hope Ione is good and not missing Seth Hoyt too much =) hahaha. I love you all and pray for you all daily =) 

With all my love, Seth =) Little Seth =) Sethie Poo =) Elder Hoyt =) 

Elder Hoyt baptizing Alysia, his first baptism in Spanish, along with them is Elder Hoyt's companion Elder Barton. 

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