Thursday, November 29, 2012

Week 3 in Mexico: The Gift of Tongues

Hola Fam Bam!! Wow..... so much has happened this week. I love it so much and Im loving my mission. I feel the Spirit working with me daily as I am helped with my Spanish, lessons, and finding more people to teach and building friendships and love for the people here. Let me just say that I love these people so much! Their humility and Spirit is an inspiration to me daily. I loved all the emails from Madi and Spencer and Austin and Ill write back after this one =) also from Dawnae and Marissa and Grandma! Love you all so much =) Well, lets get started.
Shout outs to Suize, the Johnsons (Thanks Melissa) Hannah Engebretsen, Ashley =) and Gaylene and Mom for the Dear Elders this week! Im pretty sure it just takes two weeks for them to get to me here, so Ill get lots of Dear Elders tonight at district meeting lol. Mom you accidentally said in your Dear Elder to the missionaries that were moving to the house... In Galt hahaha. Just wanted to clarify to everyone that were still living in Ione =) on the golf course haha. Im giving my homecoming talk in my ward =) lol.
So.... just a heads up for a package probably for like christmas or whenever you send one I need the Gospel Art Book =) its like 20 bucks at Deseret. Por favor! Gracias Mama =) haha. Love you!
So this week has been crazy. We were supposed to have 2 baptisms this past week, but they both didnt show up for their interviews. UGH! So frusturating. So Oscar had to work a 24 hour shift and his phone broke so he couldnt let us know. Then Alysia was at work and then we reset the interview and she came before her baptism, but was sick (like girl problems sick) ugh haha. So she couldnt get baptized. But we kinda laughed lol. Anyways.... her baptism is tomorrow now and I am baptizing her =) my first baptism in Spanish. But it was really frusturating this past week with them trying to figure out what went wrong. So I really had to rely on the Lord and his comfort to help us through this week. I am really being taught lessons in patience as well. This beginning of the week, I wasnt really talking in lessons. ONe night I came home and just felt awful. I hadnt talked much cuz I was scared my Spanish was just not good enough. So....I prayed on my own and just opened up to the Lord. Told him that I needed to learn to completely trust in him and his promise to me in D and C that if I open my mouth and have studied before, that words will come to me. So I want to testify of that. I KNOW that the Lord does this. I promised myself that I would follow spiritual impressions valiantly in lessons, even if that meant asking how to say some stuff to the investigators or Elder Barton. But, as I did this I had words put into my mouth. Last night we had a lesson with Alysia and her fellowshipper friend Thalia and I felt prompted to testify of the SPirit. And I didnt know what I was going to say, I just opened my mouth.... and the words came!!! In good Spanish too lol. ahhahaa. I knwo the Lord is with us and that he is helping me so much with my Spanish =) and then last night we had a snack with some members and Elder Barton got a call for numbers and I was left alone to talk with all of them while he was on the phone. And it was awesome!!! They asked how long I had been here and I said only 3 weeks and they were shocked!! Said my Spanish was way better than some other elders who had been here for months. SO I know the Lord is watching over me and I have angels by my side =)
So, to catch you up on Mexico. The water here all comes in big jugs. We have 2 in the house at all times. And EVERYONE has them, so we never worry about filtering the water really lol. So thats so nice. I miss milk so much!!! The milk here is super pasteurized and not thick and creamy. UGH! So I only eat it in cereal. haha. But they have amazing juices here so thats been great. Taxis here are crazy!!! We speed through the streets and the past like 5 days we have been having huge tropical storms! At nights it thunders lightnings and pours all night long! And then the streets are soooo flooded. But the taxis and buses just go haha. So fun lol. This past week we had trainging with President Salinas. He is AMAZING! I love him and his wife so much. The first day Dad, I forgot to tell you, I told him about John Olsen and you knowing him. HE said that John had emailed him about me and you, and gave the highest reccomendation of me to him =) so that was cool. He said he was so excited to have me here. His training was amazing and all about how missionary work is through the members now.
I also got a haircut this week! Mission rule is hair must be to the side or back, so no more fo hawk =( but its ok cuz I love my hair now!! One of our recent converts gave me one of the best hair cuts Ive ever had haha. It goes to the side and looks really good now =) lol. Or so says my comp hahaaha.
So this week has been crazy but so good! I am working so hard. ON my desk are pics of the whole fam and friends, and every time I look at them I think of how blessed I am and think how blessed my investigators will be when they are part of Gods Kingdom on the Earth today! I also have been working on focusing only on investigators throughout the week, and thinking of family and friends only in prayers and on Mondays! This has really helped me stay focused. =) also..... My 4 month mark was yesterday!!! AHHHHH! 2 months and Ill be to my 6 month mark. Well, Im going to go and email the siblings back. But I love you all sooooooo much and pray for you daily =)
I know this Church is true with all my heart and the Book of Mormon is the word of GOd. Im almost done with it again....a nd know that it is so true =) I love this work and am working as hard as I can to make you all proud =) and my Heavenly Father and Savior Jesus Christ most importantly =) love you all sooooo much!!!
With all my love, Elder Hoyt =)

Elder Hoyt with his zone, along with his mission President, President Salinas, and his wife. Also, Elder Alonso of the Quorum of the 70 who came to train these elders.

Ward Talent Show Night. Elder Hoyt, his companion Elder Barton, along with the two other elders serving in the ward. In the back are some of the Mayan sister in the ward dressed in their traditional Mayan outfits for their dance!

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