Friday, November 30, 2012

Week 10: Successful Sunday & A Wonderful Week

Hola Fam Bam!!! I hope this finds everyone doing so well and loving life =) Mom.... you said that I sounded a little home sick.... but dont worry I wasnt last week! I miss home and   you all but am doing so well =) and..... we had the best week of my mission I think this past week. Ill talk all about it in the email. But first a couple things. Yea....   Romney lost. But its ok. Its not his time, and like  you said Spencer, our Heavenly Father has a plan. I loved what Grandma said in her email to me though about the Constitution being degraded in our country though, I think its true and  I would love to study constitutional law when I get back =) Well see right!!! haha.
IM so excited the house is done!!!!! WOOOHHHOOOO!!! And thanksgiving is this next week =) thats soooooo awesome! Have an amazing time at the cabin and make sure to take lots of pics for me =) send all of the family my love!! Ill be with you in Spirit =) And to Big Grandma  tell her..... I love you Grandma Eunice!!! You are such an example to me of a woman who truly lives the Gospel and has had a full life. You are always so full of life and joy, and I pray for your health every day.  I know Heavenly Father has a plan for you, and has always watched over you.  Stay strong Grandma and know that I love you soooo much and pray for you daily =) Please tell her that from me! And tell Grandma and Grandpa and all the aunts and uncles and cousins hello from me and send them my love =) and eat lots of food for me! haha.
   Sounds like everyone is doing well. The house is all packed and ready to go so thats awesome =)  Im glad work is going well Mom and Dad.... and that is the coolest thing ever that we got to do family names this past week in the temple. =) great job everyone!!! The work for the dead is amazing and I miss going to the temple so much.     haha Looks like Austin practically froze lol. Welcome to the snow!! AQnd ahhhhhhhhh!!!! His mission papers are in!!!! I CANT WAIT TO FIND OUT WHERE HE GOES AND WHEN!!!! Next Monday  Ill get the news of where hes going right?? I hope haha.  So  yea.... wow sounds like everything is going great back in my amazing town of Ione =)
So, we didnt get mail last week cuz the mail wasnt sent out to anyone in the mission from merida. haha. Oops! So tonight I should get mail =) and I cant wait for Christmas because we have a talent show and dinner with all the missionaries and the packages will hopefully be here in time lol =) Thankss so much family and friends for all the support you have shown and given to me!
So, here we go with my past week =)
November  5th... Last P Day. Was a great P Day. I started my study of Doctrine and Covenants, in English, and am loving that. I also am reading  chapter a day in book of Mormon in Spanish, so tahts been slow but good haha. I feel that its helping a lot.   
November 6th! the election!! all the american elders were excited haha.  I woke up with   a super stuffy nose and sore throat so took medicine (thanks mom!!) =) haha. And felt better. I just got over it all though. It was change of climate and everyone has been stuffy lol. Its caled la gripa here =) kinda like the flu.   We got a new elder with us in the ward cuz Elder Moreno got special changed for teeth reasons lol. He had to go to Merida. So we got Elder Rivera who I love !!! He is from Puebla but lived in England for a while so knows really good English and Spanish. So tahts fun! We went to Centro de Cancun to pick him up and we got Mcdonalds for breakfast!! It was  good, but lame cuz they didnt have cinnamon melts or my bacon, egg, and cheese biscuits lol. It was funny!   After we taught a couple lessons and then Elder Barton got a call from an old investigator saying she had a present for him. And she met up with us and gave us.... and iguana!!!!! she made us take it, so we found a member family and gave it to them lol. So funny! Then Tuesday was our ward activity and baptism of Hermana Neri =) it was super stressful because we organized the whole thing b ut the whole ward had their rooms with their different organizations and we had 12 new investigators there and they got a tour of the church and then got to watch the baptism of Hermana Neri and then    we all had food =) it turned out so well! It went super late though and we didnt get back to the house until 10 haha. Oops! But Neri was baptized by Elder Barton and it was so nice =) the Spirit was so strong and I know that without baptism we cannon enter the kingdom of God because it is one of the saving ordinances.
Wednesday, November 7th! we found out Obama won today!! We didnt know and so all of us elders were callin geach other to try and figure out who knew! lol. 
Thursday, november 8th!  This day was really good.  I had a really cool experience tonight. Walking home the stars were so bright and we saw a planet. I looked up and just felt such peace. Such peace knowing that this is exactly where Im supposed to be right now. In Cancun, Mexico, serving my mision for the Lord =) sometimes its hard. Missionary work is hard stuff. We get looked at sometimes  like what the heck.... or rejected at doors as were contacting a reference, or chuckled at our Spanish, but the Lord suffered all these things, and so much more for each of us. Looking up at the stars and the moon, I  witnessed the beautfy of everything he created. I felt sooooo good and so happy to be able to seve him, my Savior and King =) I love the church and the Gospel so much and its so awesome to be able to share it with those who want to know more.  Also today,,,, Hermana Febes family gave us a thing to warm  buckets of water up with so weve had warm showers!!!!!!!!!! AHHHHHHH!!!! haha. Its been amazing =)
November 9th, Friday =) Elder Barton and I are getting along great =) we havent had problems before, but he really got a burst of energy this week and we have been workin ghard and just laughing and having a blast being together =)  We got a couple new investigators from references today, one named Patsy who is super nice. Like 24 and just hilarious so were excited to teach her. She wants to be baptized and the rest of her family was just baptized in another area      . We watched the Restoration movie that night also with Hermana Neri and her son and daughter in law. They loved it and the Spirit was so strong! We got fed by them and then by Hermana Febe lol.  Dad.... its so cool cuz Hermana Febe is super involved in Politics and stuff, so I was asking her all about Mexican politics, and she said she was heavily involved in the Chiapas Revolution in 1994! That created the new 3rd party here in Mexico. She is so cool adn we love chatting with her =) especially me cuz she knows her history lol. Im kind of a history buff =) haha.
Saturday, November 10th! I finished my 2nd journal so I have 2 full journals and am workin gon my 3rd and big one!!! So thats exciting. today was great though, we taught like 7 lessons and were so busy all day. we have been even more busy with contacting and gaining references from members taht we dont miss knocking doors at all haha. So yea Mom, we have been more busy =)  Elder Barton was a little sick today, but we had such a good day. The lessons were super fun and we got to go to a baptism of Elders Schwab and Rodriguez in our district (the baptism of Patsys family and see Patsy)
Sunday November 11th! Sundays are so stressful because we work so soo sooo hard at lessons and everything with investigators all week, and then Saturday night put it all in the Lords hands and pray they will come to church =) we didnt have all  of our investigators there, but the Lord blessed us so much and we had 6! It felt so good and they loved it and felt the Spirit strong =) After we did studies and had lunch and then had 2 lesssons and a noche de hogar with all of Hermana Neris and Febes family =) it was the best lesson Elder Barton and I had ever taught! we made steps out of paper and we drew like a heaven on a piece of paper and we did the steps to heaven and put them on the ground and then watched a video that we had about John Rowe Moyle =) look him up!! An amazing story. But yea, it was so good and everyone loved it =) we also ahd a  dinner there. So I definitely get fed so much haha.
 Elder Barton and I were so blessed this week with a baptism, and we taught over 30 lessons this week!!!!  I will miss him so much and will get my new comp in like 2 weeks! But were trying to get at least 2 more baptisms before he leaves =)
So that was my week! it was so good and I felt the Spirit so strong and I love this Gospel =)   I hope everyone is doing so well and everyone has so much fun at the cabin!! I think its this week.... maybe its next week =) and ahhhhh!!! good luck austin with the mission call =) I CANT WAIT!!!
I love you all more than life itself and am so excited to live for eternity with you as my amazing family =) stay strong, make good choices, and I pray for you all by name daily!!!
With all my love, Elder Hoyt =) Seth =)  Little seth =) Sethie Poo =)

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