Sunday, December 30, 2012

Week 16: Wishing you a Merry Christmas from Mexico

Hola Fam Bam =) the Merriest Christmas to you all =) I love each and every one of you so much and am so happy to be able to talk to you my family tomorrow =) you can record it for Hayley fam bam =) haha. I love you all so much and am so happy you all had such an amazing time in San Diego =) you all are such gorgeous people, I am truly the luckiest guy ever to have a family like you all =) Merry Christmas Eve to everyone. It has been quite the week and Im excited to tell you all about it. First know that I am so grateful for this Christmas Season. Even though things for Christmas are very different here in Mexico, I am still keeping up traditions and thinking of the birth of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. How grateful every day I am of his sacrifice for me, and that through him and only through him I can make it back to live with my HEavenly Father will all of you =) This is my testimony. That he Lives and loves each and every one of us. Sometimes I am stressed, a lot haha, or when I have a bad day, and good days, I can kneel in prayer and thank my Heavenly Father for his Son who knows me better than I know myself. What a blessing, and I am striving to do the best that I can so that I can live with No Regrets and make it back to live with my Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ again after our lives here. I know this Church is true. And thats why when difficult times come, I can have the strength to keep going =) 

Well, this week was stressful, but good =) I am learning so much about everything haha. 

Wednesday, December 19th =) TOday I got to write really fast and then after we went and had lunch with one of our member families. We played music with his guitar and drums and ate and had a good time. After we went and had some lessons with new investigators, that we find while looking for others. I always love when that happens lol. 

Thursday, December 20th =) Today I studied D and C in mypersonal.... from a scripture that Suzie sent me =) Thanks suzie!!! It truly is amazing. D and C 6.... and i LOVE  verse 36. Look unto me in every thought, doubt not, fear not. I really have been trying to apply that into my life, and every day I try to be a little better. Its a process for all of us. Missionaries, investigators, members, but we all can do it throught Jesus Christ =) We went today to a pueblo about an hour and a half from Cancun to meet with a sister who wants to be baptized. It was cool to see the pueblos, but we definitely ate someting that I had absolutely no idea what it was hahahahaha. Welcome to the pueblos lol. We went and had an awesome lesson with Gabriel on the Sabbath Day. It stinks cuz his work at the airport that he just got, he has to work this Sunday, and we are going to see this week if he has to work every Sunday. We are praying that he doesnt have to work every Sunday! 

Friday, December 21st =) Today was the end of the world!!! hahahaha. We tookpics in front of a maya pyramid at 6 when it was supposed to happen. But we all survived =) YAY!!!! haha. We had a good day today We went and had a lesson with the bishops wife and daughter at a families house who the 3 kids are super cool and members, but the parents arent members. We are going to help them be members. But the kids are super cool and I love them so much =) 

Saturday, December 22nd =) Today I got to give antoher interview for a baptism for the Zone Leaders. I love my zone leaders, and the oppurtunity to give interviews is so cool =) we also had some good lessons today with Gabriel and we found a house right next to the Hna Febe for rent that we are trying to move into. We have to do this process of pics and emails with the secretaries, but we are praying that it all works out =) 

SUnday, December 23rd =) Today was a great day in Church. We had an amazing sacrament with the Bishopric giving talks. Ilove them and its amazing cuz all three of them only have like 20 years or less in the church. Theyre awesome =) then we had Luis in the church. Its been awesome cuz this week the young single adults have invited him to every activity, and to church withy us, and he came =) he says his faith is still growing, but he wants to be batpized now =) its so awesome!!!!!! I love him =) we had a lesson with a family today as well with a dDad that is less active. They are excited about the Church and want to come this week. Then we did numbers and everything last night, which as a District Leader is always a little stressful, because right now 2 of the areas in my district are just struggling. So meand the zone leaders are working on this with them, its just hard. BUt I know that I can do anything with the Lords help. 

And now we had today, which I told you Mom about my card and everything. Soooo.... life is good =) tonight we have our district meeting where the whyole zone will which the First Presidencys christmas devotional =) cant wait! Then dinner with the Hna Febe and Hna Neri and their families, and then we have to be in our house by 8 tonight. Then, we get a day to open presents, and write letters, and relax till 4 tomorrow, when you will call me =) at 4!!!! =) I cant wait =) And ill catch up on letters tomorrow everyone. So sorry haha. 

Well, this was my week. Its amazing, every day Ihave to rely on the Lord so much. But, my Spanish is improving. Im learning how to teach and be led by the Spirit. Every day I learn someting new, and I am truly grateful for this oppurtunity to grow, preach, learn, and live =) I love my mission, but more importantly, I just love life =) 

So, Merry Christmas to all =) I am so grateful for this celebration of life that we have, and I am so grateful to be alive =) I love you all with all my heart. Pray for me, our investigators, and I pray for you all daily =) I love you all sooooo much =) 

Talk to you tomorrow!!!!!!!! =)=) With all my love, Elder Hoyt =) Seth =) Sethie Poo =) Little Seth =) 

Elder Hoyt & his companion, Elder Calderon, helping getting Hermana Febe's house ready for Christmas. Tough guys! 

Elder Hoyt surviving the predicted end of the world in front of the Mayan Pyramid!
So good to see he can still be his silly self. :)

Making pinatas with some of the members for Christmas! 

Week 15: "This truly is not my mission, this is the Lord's mission."

Wow Fam Bam!!!! This past week has been amazing. One of the hardest, but most rewarding, and best ones of my mission. So much happened and I cant wait to write all about it and then in one week, Ill tell you all about it =) One week until we will be able to talk on the phone!!! WOOOO!!!! We cant skype but we will be able to talk on the phone. Ok.... heres whats going to happen.  The members that live in front of us have a landline that we are going to use. So..... I will be at their house next Tuesday, the 25th, at 11 =) So that will be 9 in the morning for you all. I figure that will be fine for you all =) if you want another time, tell me next week in the email haha. So 9 in the morning your time, you will call this number =) 019982891179. Perfect! Ill be waiting in their house for you to call =) if it doesnt work the first time, try again haha. Itll work =) every year they have the Americans over to their house to use the phone lol. Im so excited =) cant wait to hear all of your voices!!!! 

well fam bam =) Sounds like you all had an amazing week. I think youre in San Diego right now =) How awesome!!!! Im so excited for you all. enjoy beautiful san Diego and our second family, the Aionos =) Love you all so much, take care of them haylz lol. I also got your package this past week haylz =) Im sooooo pumped to open up the gifts and letters that you and my fam all sent =) I also got some Dear elders this past week from hayley, suzie, Gaylene, and a christmas card from the Adaires. Thanks so much all =) glad to see everyone is doing so well.  Have so much fun in San Diego and take lots of pics =) 

Well, Im giong to go through this past week.    It is.... wow... amazing. This truly is not my mission. This is the Lords mission.And I have this oppurtunity to be his mouth. His hands in the lives of those we teach. And I have been given the oppurtunity to serve as a leader here in the mission. Im still so humbled, daily by that trust that the Lord has in me. I love my Heavenly Father and savior jesus Christ so much. And this Christmas Season makes me think of them even more, the love I have for them, and for you my family =) Sure, Chrtistmas for every missionary is a little hard, to be so far away. But this Christmas is going to be awesome. I truly cant wait =) Thanks so much for the love and support you all show me. the prayers are truly felt every day, and I love you all. 

Well, Monday, December 10, we had 2 lessons with members tonight and then an interview for a baptism for the other leders in our ward. I truly love giving baptismal interviews. I dont know if I told you all that, that I get to give baptismal interviews becuse I am the district Leader. It is such an amazing oppurtunity to see the growth of people as they have made the neccesary changes in their lives to follow Jesus Christ and enter the waters of baptism. 

Tuesday, December 11th. Today was crazy. We woke up in the middle of the night to a huge tropical storm, and all day Tuesday it rained. WE had our sweaters on, raincoats, bags, and everything and we still got absolutely soaked haha. So fun =) we had a couple lessons but couldnt go too far because literally the steets were completely flooded and we couldnt go anywhere. haha. It was pretty crazy. Then in the night I went on Dvisions with the other elders in our ward to help them in their area. So I was with elder Moreno fo a day in their area. 

Wednesday December 12th, today i was with elder Moreno and we got soakedagainasthe rain continued. hahaha. We had some good lessons though. 

Thursday, December 13th. The rain finally stopped today. Our shoes were soaked and luckily I had my other pair that I wore for a couple days while the other ones dried haha. Today we hada great day of teaching. We had a lesson with 3 young adults that we got a reference for. They are so awesome! Their names are Anai, Jordan, and Luis. =) Luis is looking fof faith in Christ right now, and we have the amazing oppurtunity to help him in his search to truly find Christ in his life. Anai and Jordan are dating and are interested to know more. And tonight II went on Divisions with the other elders in our district, Coba. I was with elder Santamaria and had a blast. =) we sent our sons together and they were in our area and did a great job =) We also got told that in a pueblo like 2 hours from here, the branch has a baptism and no missionaries are there. So we get to go this week and baptize her after making sure she is ready. So that will be cool =) 

Friday, December 14th. I was in Coba with elder santmaria. We found some new families to teach for them and got some references. The other 2 areas in my district were having problems, so I went on division with them to help them, and I feel it truly did help. Ive been praying so hard for them. They are seeing more success now. 

Saturday, December 1 5th. We had an amazing lesson today with Jordan, Anai, and  Luis and some of the young single adults of the ward. The Spirit was so strong as we taught about faith in jesus Christ and we were prompted to invite them all to be baptized. Luis said right now no, but he is reading the Book of Mormon so fast and truly is starting to see faith. He will be baptized. anai and jordan said yes! It was so awesome and a great lesson =) 

Sunday, December 16th. We had 4  investigators in the church today =) 2 new ones, and 2 old. So that was cool =) we are working so hard to have baptisms by the end of the month. We want to see our investigators make this covenant in their lives so they can work on getting to the temple =) we also found a new family to teach today. The kids are Paulina and Luis and they are grandchildren of some grandparents in our ward. Im excited to work with them =) we had an awesome lesson on praying in families =) then tonight we went on Divisions again with Elder Santamaria to meet a couple other district leaders in their house to all stay the night to go to the training the next day. =) 

Monday, December 17th =) WOW!!!! Firsst day of training with President. It was 12 hours long. Absolutely amazing. The Spirit was so strong and I learned so many amazing things about how I should lead, how we should teach, and waht we need to be doing as leaders. One of my favorite things that President said today was that artists create painting, musical pieces, sculptures, buildings. Missionaries create lessons and sculpt testimonies. WOW!!!! We truly are in the work of the Lord and are teaching principles that are so true. They will change lives for ETERNITY!!! I love my mission so much =) 

Tuesday, December 18th =) aother 12 hours of training =) it was so good.... we really worked on the gift of discernement and how we can know what investigators are thinking with the Spirit of the Lord. Everyone has in them the light of Christ, and when that is paired with the spirit of the message that we bring, everyone feels in their heart the message of Christ and his Church on the earth. Like it says in Preach My Gospel, the Gospel has a familiar ring to them. Its so true becasue everyone chose to come down to this Earth. were just reminding everyone of the promise we made there in heaven =)

So that was my week pretty much!! OH ALSO!!! we have a huge leak of water in our house.... so we have to find a new house haha. we have 2 weeks to find a new one and then move in January. Its pretty exciting =) we get to house shop while teaching lol.

well..... We will email one more time before we call next week =) I love you all sooooooo much and pray for you all daily =) have an amazing week and be safe!!! 

with all my love!!!! Elder Hoyt =) Seth =) Little Seth =) Sethie Poo =) 

Elder Hoyt with recent converts, that Luna family. He loves them so much!

Elder Hoyt dancing in the rain. Getting soaked & enjoying the Tropical Storms of Mexico!

Elder Hoyt and his amazing friends of his generation, Elder Estrada and Elder Jaussi. This was after their leadership training!

Elder Hoyt still being his goofy self! 

Week 14: Baptism & Eternal Perspective

Hola Fam Bam! Wow.... this week has flown by. I cant believe how fast it has gone haha. The time seems to be picking up now, Im about to hit 7 months in just a week and a half. what the heck?? lol. couple things to start, Mom and fam bam =) I am sooooooo excited to talk to you all this Christmas!!! In just 2 weeks =) we all get 40 mins here.... and I will check if we are allowed to skype =) if not Mom and dad, we need to know how you want to do this. I can either give you a number of a members house here and you can call me at that number at a certain time on the 25th and Ill be in the house waiting =) or you can all be waiting for me and I can call from a calling cafe here. Either you call me and pay, or I call you and pay. I would rather you call me at a members house and then I can talk there =) how does that sound? Let me know and Ill get the number and house and time all figured out this next week =) So, let me know this week if you can call and pay the long distance for the 40 minute phone call, and Ill get the number and the time for you all =) And ill check on the skype as well!

Also, I dont have a camera cable =) so.... if you could send me one in the next package that would be great. I cant find one here haha. ill live with elder calderons hopefully until you can send one haha. Yep... we got to help decorate a christmas tree =) I love the Hermana Febe and her family!!! also, we got nerd glasses =) Elder Barton and I before he left. Yes siblings.... I can still be a nerd on the mission =) hahaha. YES!!!! 

Well, this week was so awesome. we worked so hard, and our numbers for this week showed for it. Our Heavenly Father truly blessed us this week, and we saw so many blessings in our week. Its awesome, my testimony of every aspect of the Gospel has been strengthened by my mission so far. Whenever I have anything to do, or decide, I take it to the Lord. My testimony of prayer has grown so much, and also the eternal perspective that I have for myelf and for my investigators has been broadened and deepened. I want to see my investigators enter the temple so badly, just like when I return and am ready to be married I will do with a wife someday. I know that my family, all of you Mom, Dad, austin, spencer, madi and Parker, we will all be together forever =) and I want this for my investigators too.The mission is a beautiful thing,and I am trying as hard as I can to put my all into it in order to never have regrets. 

So, this week.... =) 

Lunes, December 3rd =) . We had to go to our Zone leaders house to do some things, so I go to chat over there with our new Zone Leader elder Griffiths and my good friend Elder Schwab for a while. I love them, well really I love our whole zone =)  After we did laundry and I read al the letters I got that past week... (tis week we dont get the mail.... sowewill get it next week. And we have training on the 18th and 19th for the leaders.... and we will get alll of our packages then... so Hayley Ill get your package then =) I cant wait! I have the one from my fam.... and then Ill get Hayleys =) its going to be a great Christmas!!! then, that night we had our first District Meeting. It went so well. an hour and a half of me talking in Spanish, with all of our other elders, but I loved it. It was so much fun, we used games and snacks, just like lessons that I always love teaching =) 

Tuesday, December 4th =) Today was Hermana Marianas baptism =) it went so well and we absolutely love her!!!! 

Wednesday, December 5th =) Tday was a good day. we have been working in an area callled urbi that has a lot of references right now, and working with the members there. So we spent an afternoon there serving a less active family, and contacting a family of riends of theres. We pulled weeds with them =) needless to say I was thinking of growing up hahaha. Dad!!! =) the bear!! lol. Glad to see that the kids will stll have work to do at the new house =) haha. Then, tonight we had a lesson with a new investigator named Gabriel. He is amazing. So prepared. This was our first lesson with him and he expressed to us his desire to chage his life, to rid himself of guilt and everything, and he cant wait to be baptized. The Spirit was so strong, and he set the date for the 27th of this month. 

Thursday, December 6th =) Tday was another great day, full of lessons and checking on investigators and everything. we had another lesson with Gabriel on the Restoration of the Gospel, and it was the most powerful lesson I have had yet on the mission. I had the opporutunity to recite from memory the Frst Vision. and for the first time on my mision in a lesson, it brought tears to my eyes. The power of the Restoration and of our Heavenly Father is so evident in the First Vision. I know Joseph Smith was a true prophet. Gabriel had tears in his eyes, and we had a sister with us that is 26 like Gabriel, and she was crying. Wow..... it was amazing. I loved it so much =) that is why I am on  a mission. To help people realize the truth of this message, and how it will change their very desires and eerything that they are, like it has changed me =) 

Friday, December 7th =) today we had Zone Meeting. we got lots o new announcements like    we have to have in our wards mission leaders and family history classes and misionaries of the ward and list of less actives. If we dont our areas could get closed. we were stressing cuz our bisop hadnt called anyone yet.... but this Sunday we got a ward mission leader who I love!!!! =) and everything. So we wont get closed =) hahahaha. But in the zone meting, the zone leaders had asked me to give a 15 minute training on how to work with less actives, cuz we have the higest number of less actives lessons and in the chapel in the zone. we are counting less actives in the chapel now too. sooooo..... that was awesome. I loved it and talked for 20 minutes in all spanish, with scriptures and everything. thanks to our heavenly Father, Spanish is coming =) Then i had divisions with elder Rivera and that was a blast. 

Saturday, December 8th, =) Finished divisions with Leder Rivera. Loved talking english with him, cuz he studied in London and learned english. >SO that was fun, also we heard today that like the 21st and 22nd there is going to be no sun for 3 dyas?? whats all thi about haha. IF you could let me know thatd be awesome lol. we heard that the planets will be lined up or something.... haha. end of the world lol. We had another good day of teaching and contacting. we received a ton of references from the members this week, and taught a bnch of new people and got more refrences so we have  alot of work to do. Our goal is to baptize 7 tis mont, and we have 1 now. We got our work cut out!!!!

Sunday, December 9th =) Today was great!! 5 investigators in the chapel and then we had a good day with members and lesson after =) 

Today we cleaned the house and it looks spotless =) funny story, we cleaned the tile floors with acid, and i put way too much down hahaha. It made an acid cloud that I accidentally like breathed in, and started coughing super bad. we had to wait outside the house for 45 mins till the cloud left hahahahaha. Oops lol. Needless to say I miss carpet haha. 

well my dearest family and friends.... it was a great week =) I miss you all so much and spencer and madi and hayley and other people I actualy have some time to write letters to today so Ill write those and send them off =) KNow that I love each and every one of you and I feel your support every day =) I pray for you all and hope you are al safe. the house looks great =) Hope everyone is excited for Christmas! remember to always share the Gospel and stay strong =) I love you all so much =) 

with all my love, Seth =) Elder Hoyt =) Sethie Poo =) Little Seth =) 

Some pics for you all. The first is me and Elder Rivera, one of the elders in my ward with the primary kids =) 

Next is my comp and I =) Elder calderon on the day that I gave birth to him haha. 

We baptized hermana mariana this week and this is her and her son =) hopefully her husband carlos will be either next week or the next!!! 

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Week 13: December & District Leader

Hola Fam Bam and amazing friends =) Happy december! crazy!!! the time is flying by.... its really super weird. haha. Hope all is well back in the states and I am so happy right now =) everything is great!!! First of all..... AHHHHHHHH!!! Oh Austin I am sosooooooo proud, happy, ecstatic, thrilled, excited, pumped, and so filled with love for you =) you will be serving in Denver Colorado. All I have ever heard about there is amazing things, and the people will love you. especially cuz youll have lots of BYU fans hahaha. I am so excited for you to go =) and so happy you will have some time at home =) congratulations austin =) my best friend. i love you and the fact that you are serving a mission for our Lord and Savior means the world to me =) I cant wait to be home when spencer gets his call and then parker! And you too Madi if you end up serving =) Know that I have such a strong love for missionary work. It is my world right now, I eat, breathe, and sleep missionay work. It consumes my thoughts, Im trying to fill my thoughts with my investigators. But you wll love your mission austin =) and how cool in english! the work is different in the states and in english and Im super pumped to compare my work with yours and see the differences, but same sucess =) I love you. 

I am also so excited the fam bam is all moved into the new houe =) ahhhhh!!! That is so exciting. I hope it all went well and everyone is adjusting and loving it. Im excited you get to decorate it how you want Mom =) and dad... hope you got the new TV you had been wanting =) and I got dear elders from the whole fam and a letter from madi this past week and everyone is so excited for their new rooms and everything. great job fam bam =) haha. and the blessings will just double now with 2 misionaries out here pretty soon =) You all sound so good =) Im so happy everyone is doin so well. hayley, you sound great too, and I hope Cass and Nige and everyone are doing well =) and taryn and ash and everyone lol. 

As for me, wow... what a week. As everyone knows, I got called to be the District Leader of our District. I have 4 Districts in my zone, including my amazing zone leaders, and tonight I will give my first District Meeting. In Spanish. An hour and a half. Im a little nervous, but we are going to have a blast. I also got called last week to be a trainer. Wow! Like everyone said in their emails to me, yep. I was overwhelmed. It was a lot. I had to pray so much, and it was a comfort to have Elder Barton with us our first day, but after that I was on my own. Even though, Im never on my own. I always have my heavenly Father, and that has helped soooooo much. More than anything, I have said so many prayers this week. =) My son is named Elder Calderon. he is from Durango, Durango, is 23 and has graduated from college already in Electrical Engineering. He is really nice, at times I feel like he thinks Im a little immature, but Im only 19 and I love to smile and laugh hahahaha. But its great. hes a funny guy and we like to joke around. He is learning english and is realy not bad, and I am learning Spanish fully so its a great exchange. Im going to go through my days now, and tell you all about this past week. I love you all =) 

Monday, November 26th =) I went to Merida super early, got up at 3=30 to be to ADO(the buses) on time haha. went and picked up my son =) Im a Father at 6 months!!! lol. Then we came back adn got back in late. 

Tuesday, November 27th =) we got up and did studies and Ihelped Elder Barton pack up some stuff. Then we had to do some laundry, and then had a lesson with mariana, who is getting baptized this week!!!! Then went to ward Night and got some references and introduced everyone to Elder Calderon. 

Wednesday, November 28th.=) Today we got up early to take Elder Barton to ADO: Having to drop him and the other eldcers that were leaving was hard, but I will truly miss Elder Barton. and he has letters for the fam and haylz and some other people, so go to his homecoming. haha. His email Haylz and Austin is brant with an underscore that Idont know how to do on this keyboard haha. brant (underscore) barton64 at sign Awesome =) We dropped him of and came back and I was literally alone in our area. WOW! That morning was  a little overwhelming. But, with so much prayer that morning, I truly felt comforted. It is a new thing to be in charge of lessons, and what direction we are going to take, and what to do when an investigator doesnt read. But Im learning. 

Thursday, November 29th =) Today we had a full day of studying and then contacting. This pst week starting today we were able to give 4 different blessings. Priesthood blessings are amazing and so cool to give. The Spirit is always so strong and I know tha the Priesthood is real. Its a litle hard in spanish, but I feel the Spirit helping me when I give them. 

Friday November 30th, Today we had another really busy day! and as senior companion I feel like we never have enought time to visit everyone that I want to lol. But we are teacing like 7 people right now, that we have all of them as goals to baptize this month!!! so we have a lot of work to do, but we are super excited =) 

Saturday, December 1st =) WOW!!! December haha. crazy lol. we had a good day today and a cool lesson with a new woman and her son. they have no idea how to read, well thye are both learning. So we are helping them read and teaching at the same time. I love helping the little boy with his homework. Its really cool =) funny story from today. we were walking and we said hi in passing to some guys, and one of them turned around and was gay and was like HOla papi. super creepy!! elder Calderon laughed so hard haha. then we got to a lesson and the little girl asked where my comp was, barton, and I said he left. and she said to her friends, th other handsome one left, but we still have one haha. yep, americans like me and barton are hard to come by here =) hahahaha. 

Sunday December 2nd =) fast and testimony meting which was really good =) We had the interview fo Mariana who is getting baptized tomorrow =) were so excited!!! then we went and had lunch and appointments and finished the night with an investigator named Norberto who is leaving in a week for tabasco!!! NOOOO!!! But hell come back in like 3 months. he is realy good friends with new converts the Luna Family who I love =) We have had great lessons with them and he cant wait to come back and be baptized and get on the path of salvation as he says lol. 

So yea, thats me =) Tonight I get to direct my first meeting, and then after Im giving a baptismal interview. WOW. Im super excited and loving the work. Sometimes I miss home, but I am truly accustomed to life here and loving it =) I sleep amazing, eat well, and the spiritual experiences I have daily i would never trade anything for =) I love you all so much. I got a bunch of Dear Elders this week from Spencer, Mom, dad, Suzie, Gaylene, and letters from madi and a letter from Easton in Africa!!!! so col =) 

Well, I love you all so much and pray for you all daily =) have an amazing week in the new house, and take pics and send them =) I love you al!!!! 

with all my love, Elder Hoyt =) Seth =) Sethie Poo =) Litle Seth =) 

Friday, November 30, 2012

6 Month Mark Pictures From Us!

6 months ago, Elder Hoyt left to serve a 2 year mission in Merida, Mexico. November 23, 2012 was his official 6 month mark in which we all celebrated him successfully completing his 1/4 mark as a missionary. After 9 weeks in the MTC, 6 weeks in Boise Idaho and 12 weeks in Mexico, Elder Hoyt has already changed so many lives, as we have watched him grow in every way possible. We never doubted the amazing missionary Seth would be, yet he never ceases to amaze us with the truly inspiring missionary he is. We love you Elder Hoyt and we are so excited to celebrate this special mark with you! 6 months down, 18 more amazing months of work to go.

The Hoyt Family, Elder Hoyt & I holding up our "6's" as we celebrate his 6 month mark! As you can tell, we are all very excited! 

Elder Hoyt & I creating hearts to celebrate his 1/4 mark. Even countries apart, we still manage to make things special! I love you Elder Hoyt and miss you every day! 

Week 12: 6 Months Down & Called To Serve.. As District Leader!

Oh wow Fam Bam!!! So much has happened this past week and Im so sorry we didnt get to write yesterday but Ill tell you all why. know that I am doing so well and Im so glad all of you had so much fun at the cabin!!! All the cousins look so old, its crazy!!! And Im glad you got to see Grandma Eunice and spend some time with her. 

Im so happy everyone had a good Thanksgiving, and that Hayley was able to go home to San Diego, and the Cooks went out to see Ash =) Also,,,, Hayley!!! I loved loved loved the collages and the heart pics =) how many likes did we get on Facebook?? hahaha. But thanks so much fam and Hayley for doing that for me and sending it =) I love it so much!!

I took money out this past week because we were almost out and then we had transfers yesterday. So.... Ill get to the main news of this past week. We had transfers =) so.... my companion and Father of the mission Elder Barton is going home tomorrow, so I was getting a new companion. We got transfer calls Sunday night, late at like 10. So, our Zone Leaders called and they said Elder Barton you are going home haha. And Elder Hoyt..... You are going to be the new District Leader..... AND you are going to be training a brand new missionary!!!!!! AAAAHHHHHHH!!! I just started crying I was so excited and so nervous hahahaha. I have 2 changes here in mexico, and I am the new District Leader and I am training. That is insane.... but our Heavenly Father truly has a plan for all of us. So yesterday I had to go to merida where we met with President and he told us that this is direct revelation from Heavenly Father of who should be training out of all the missionaries in the mission. Wow.... what a comfort that was. So I am training along with Elder Jaussi of my generation. We both dont know Spanish completely yet, but were super happy to see each other. So yep, I got my son yesterday. His name is Elder Calderon and he is from the Mexican state of Durango, in the North. He speaks all Spanish, and so I am going to learn super fast. 

Wow.... talk about a humbling experience to be chosen to train and be the new District Leader. Needless to say, I had to pray so much. I am so nervous, but also so excited for this oppurtunity to learn and grow so fast. So.... I am 6 months old in the mission and am serving as the District Leader and training a brand new missionary, literally 4 weeks fresh from home. WOW! The responsibility the Lord gives us some time is amazing. I feel so blessed to have this oppurtunity, and I know that with so much prayer, hard work, love, fasting, and support from home and above, that I can do this. I love Elder Calderon, he and I are already joking and stuff so Im super excited. 

The rest of my week was great. We found quite a few really awesome new investigators that we are excited to teach! Elder Barton is going home. I will miss him so much!!!! But I am excited for him to go to school and stuff, also Austin and Hayley, you should go to his Homecoming. its on the 9th of December haha. And he has letters for the fam for Christmas and for Hayley and a couple other people that he wants to give to you two haha. So I hope you can go =) and maybe like Beth and Cass too haha. 

Well, Im going to send this now, but I am so blessed. So blessed to be here on my mission. So blessed to be training and be the district leader, even if I am so nervous (mainly cuz of my Spanish) but also the responsibility of being senior comp. WoW! bUT i WILL learn and this will be the fastest way to do it =) I love you all so much and hope you have an amazing week! We didnt get mail for the last 2 weeks cuz of transfers so next week I should get stuff. I love you all so much and pray for you daily!!! Love you!!!! 

With all my love, Elder Hoyt =) Seth =) Little Seth =) Sethie poo =)

Week 11: Thankful Hearts & Trying Times

My Dearest Fam Bam and closest friends =) hey!
Happy Thanksgiving everyone!! This week will be awesome as you my amazing family goes to Oregon, Austin stays in Utah or goes to Colorado, Hayley goes to San Diego, and yea.... I hope everyone is safe and has an amazing time =) we will not be eating Turkey but I will be thinking of my amazing country and how grateful I am for every single blessing that I have in my life =) cuz I have too many to count!
So, this past week was crazy but Ill start with announcements first. AHHHHHH!!! I am literally on the edge of my seat waiting to find out where you go on your mission Austin!!!! I CANT WAIT!!!! Next Monday Ill probably be laughing and crying here in the internet cafe lol. Spencer.... Loved the pic of you in all my clothes =) make sure you send Hayley that pic cuz she picked out that outfit for me lol. You look so handsome and I love you so much =) Madi.... IM SO PROUD OF YOU!!! You got all tourney =) great job!!! you also look so pretty and you are really growing so fast =) Parker... you look like you had so much fun at the football game =) and I love you so much. Dad, I hope work is going well, and I havent gotten an email from you this week  haha. You are so busy but the best Dad ever =) And Mom!! Congrats on the Young Woman President =) I love it and know that you will do just amazing. Youre not still in the stake then? Thats awesome family =) you all sound so good and I love you all. Soooo..... I got my Christmas Package from you all!!!!!! YAY!!!!! It got here this past Saturday when we had a zone meeting and the ZLs gave it to me. I opened it and took out the decorations which I am so excited for, got the pics out but left the letters to read on Christmas, and Im leaving all the presents for Christmas =) you are the best family ever!! Elder Barton was like wow.... I never got anything like that. and Mom... you know me so well. I love the little gift bags and cant wait to hand them out, and the Christmas cards. And the CDs are amazing =) I opened those cuz I wanted to listen to them lol. So thank you so much fam =) you are the best. As to Moms question, no I havent sent handwritten letters home yet, but Im doing special christmas cards for all of you, and Elder Barton is going to take them home with him next week and send them from Utah.... so you will get them before Christmas =) I want you all to open them together!!!! OK =) Im super excited and have great ideas for the letters.
Well, I think thats about it for my announcements =) Know that I love you all... and here goes my week =) It was the hardest week of my mission so far, but looking back, I will just learn from my experiences.
November 12th, Monday= Had a great P Day. I thought this past week was thanksgiving ahha. Im dumb. I got letters today from Rachel Jenkins with an awesome pic of me, caleb, her and bree all in the MTC =) merrry christmas rachel!! and I also got letters from Hayley, Mom, Dad, Gaylene, Suzie, and Mama Margie Aiono =) thanks so much to you all and I have so much support. I was reading Castelias email and she said that truly the IOne ward missionaries have the best support. I agree whole heartedly cassie!!!!! =) we have the best ward. And congrats to Cami!!! And I pray for you Grandma Hansen. Love you! Stay strong.
November 13th, Tuesday= Today we taught some lessons, with our new investigators pablo, yolanda, and suzanna. We had ward activity where we are helping all the primary kids learn I am a child of God for the primary program this coming week =) im playing the piano for them so thats exciting!
November 14th, Wednesday. Today we had zone conference and it was amazing. Ill share just a couple things that I learned from President and the spirit. The best part was President had 7 life size cut outs, 3 of Jesus and 4 of angels. He brought up an elder to stand in the middle of all of them and said that this is the power that we all have surrounding us daily =) when we dont keep a rule of something, an angel leaves. It is so important for all of us to keep the rules at all times. Also, OUr Heavenly Father has given us everything, including our agency. This is the only thing we can truly give to our Heavenly Father. This is what we have to give to our hewavenly FDather. Our very will.... and choose to follow him. Agency begins with desire, which desires do we have to do most, and our choices will reflect those desires. My desires are to serve now, even though it is hard, very hard at times, but that is the desire of my heart =) my desire is to be with my family for eternity, so I exercise my agency in making the decisions that will allow me to continue on that path. Also, president focused on the miracle of the BOM and how that is greatest missioanry that we have. Converts and members alike MUST have a testimony of the BOM, ort else they will fall off the path and be lost. I love the BOM and am loving reading it daily! I loved the conference and the opportunity it gave me to think about all of this and the use of my agency =) I love the gospel!!! What my life would be without it I can never imagine. The rest of this day was good.. We had some lessons and it was good.
Thursday, November 15th= Well, today was hard. We had literally every single appointment fall through. We were relying on back up plans, and even those fell through. Dont let anyone ever tell you that a mission is perfect, because there are days and weeks that just seem to all go wrong. Today was the beginning of that for us. Its great though to be able to look back, think about how I can improve, rely on the Atonement to comfort us and help us commit to being better. Also, today we were washing dishes after lunch for the members and I was washing and didnt see a knife. Definitely sliced my thumb open on it. It was a a half an inch long on my right thumb, and bled so long haha. The members were like ahhhhhh!!!!! But they fixed me all up, and we cleaned it really well. Now its fine, but im defintely going to have a legit smile shaped scar on my right thumb =) love it. Also tonight we switched comps to do divisions. I was in our are again with Elder Gonzalez from Mexico City. =)
Friday, November 16th, = Today was great! Elder Gonzalez is really awesome and we got along great, with our mixed spanish and english when I didnt know how to say something haha. It was really cool... we were doing an inspired question activity in comp study and he said... ok... Im going to use inspired questions on you. So, he asked me what are the most important things in my life. I said my family and the GOspel. He said, ok, and what else. i said my friends next, and then he asked what was my biggest concern right now. I said Spanish, and after thinking about it for a good minute or so, said also the safety of my family while Im away. Spiritually and physically. He looked at me really intently and was like.... I have a scripture to share with you. He turned to D and C 100 verse 1. He said to replace Joseph and Sydneys names for mine and his. It says, Veryily, thus saith the Lord unto you, my friends Elder Hoyt and Gonzalez, your families are well, they are in mine hands, and I iwll do with them as seemeth me good, for in me there is all power. I read it out loud, and the spirit was so strong. I was in tears by the end, I didnt even know I had been worried about that, but with inspired questions of the Spirit and the scriptures, my resolve was concerned. It was amazing. I miss you all so much family, but know that you are in the Lords hands =) and that allows me to focus more and not worry.
Saturday, November 17th. So today our appointments continued to just kinda fall through, ugh. But today we did have a lunch buffet put on by all the bishops and the stake presidency for all of us missionaries =) so our whole zone got to go eat as much food as we wanted, and a huge table of desserts with a chocolate fountain =) wow!!! haha. It was amazing. All of us missionaries were like little kids again lol.... (not that were anything really but little kids =)) hahahaha. We also had a baptism tonight of investigators we used to teach but then moved into the ZLs area. The woman asked elder barton to baptize her, so we got to go do that. It was amazing and we got to sing for it. Also, the ZLs left the font running accidentally and it flooded. So we had to mop up the bathrooms and hall cuz water was spilling out hahahahha. Life of a missionary =)
Sunday, November 18th. Really a hard day. None of our investigatros came to church, and we didnt have any lessons. We visited members that were supposed to have the investigators at the lesson, but the 2 we had planned, the investigators couldnt come. Also, Elder Barton made  me a hot dog that I ate, even though I didnt really want to cuz I hate hot dogs lol. We had chile rellenos for lunch (which were spicy and deep fried) and deep fried Chicharones at a members. So yep..... it finally happened. Last night I got sick. I was up at 1 in the morning after going to bed at 9=15, puking up everything that I ate. It was a double dose.... remember when Dad ate the bad pizza from Little Caesars...yep,... that was me last night (Family... youll get that reference =))  haha. Ugh... it was awful. I dont think ill ever eat hot dogs or chile rellenos again lol. I still feel a little sick right now, but Im feeling better. But hey! I went farther than most Americans without getting sick, i went almost 3 months in mexico =) so blessings.
So pretty much this week we had the lowest numbers ever at the end of the week, after having the highest last week haha. The life of a missionary. But I learned many important things. Always work my hardest, have  agood attitude,a nd keep pushing forward =) Elder Barton leaves next week and Ill be getting a new comp next Monday!! AHHHHH!!! Crazy!!! So, lots of prayers for me =) I love you all so much family and hope you all have an amazing time at the cabin this week =) say hi to everyone for me, and send them my love. I love you all and cant wait to find out where austin goes on his mission!!!! Btw... the pics are of me in a path through the jungle that we like to take, and me and some of the missionaries in my zone.
I love you all and always will for eternity =)
With all my love, Elder Hoyt =) Seth =) Little Seth =) Sethie Poo =)

Elder Hoyt on a path through the jungle that the Elders like to take! 

Some of Elder Hoyt's Zone!

Week 10: Successful Sunday & A Wonderful Week

Hola Fam Bam!!! I hope this finds everyone doing so well and loving life =) Mom.... you said that I sounded a little home sick.... but dont worry I wasnt last week! I miss home and   you all but am doing so well =) and..... we had the best week of my mission I think this past week. Ill talk all about it in the email. But first a couple things. Yea....   Romney lost. But its ok. Its not his time, and like  you said Spencer, our Heavenly Father has a plan. I loved what Grandma said in her email to me though about the Constitution being degraded in our country though, I think its true and  I would love to study constitutional law when I get back =) Well see right!!! haha.
IM so excited the house is done!!!!! WOOOHHHOOOO!!! And thanksgiving is this next week =) thats soooooo awesome! Have an amazing time at the cabin and make sure to take lots of pics for me =) send all of the family my love!! Ill be with you in Spirit =) And to Big Grandma  tell her..... I love you Grandma Eunice!!! You are such an example to me of a woman who truly lives the Gospel and has had a full life. You are always so full of life and joy, and I pray for your health every day.  I know Heavenly Father has a plan for you, and has always watched over you.  Stay strong Grandma and know that I love you soooo much and pray for you daily =) Please tell her that from me! And tell Grandma and Grandpa and all the aunts and uncles and cousins hello from me and send them my love =) and eat lots of food for me! haha.
   Sounds like everyone is doing well. The house is all packed and ready to go so thats awesome =)  Im glad work is going well Mom and Dad.... and that is the coolest thing ever that we got to do family names this past week in the temple. =) great job everyone!!! The work for the dead is amazing and I miss going to the temple so much.     haha Looks like Austin practically froze lol. Welcome to the snow!! AQnd ahhhhhhhhh!!!! His mission papers are in!!!! I CANT WAIT TO FIND OUT WHERE HE GOES AND WHEN!!!! Next Monday  Ill get the news of where hes going right?? I hope haha.  So  yea.... wow sounds like everything is going great back in my amazing town of Ione =)
So, we didnt get mail last week cuz the mail wasnt sent out to anyone in the mission from merida. haha. Oops! So tonight I should get mail =) and I cant wait for Christmas because we have a talent show and dinner with all the missionaries and the packages will hopefully be here in time lol =) Thankss so much family and friends for all the support you have shown and given to me!
So, here we go with my past week =)
November  5th... Last P Day. Was a great P Day. I started my study of Doctrine and Covenants, in English, and am loving that. I also am reading  chapter a day in book of Mormon in Spanish, so tahts been slow but good haha. I feel that its helping a lot.   
November 6th! the election!! all the american elders were excited haha.  I woke up with   a super stuffy nose and sore throat so took medicine (thanks mom!!) =) haha. And felt better. I just got over it all though. It was change of climate and everyone has been stuffy lol. Its caled la gripa here =) kinda like the flu.   We got a new elder with us in the ward cuz Elder Moreno got special changed for teeth reasons lol. He had to go to Merida. So we got Elder Rivera who I love !!! He is from Puebla but lived in England for a while so knows really good English and Spanish. So tahts fun! We went to Centro de Cancun to pick him up and we got Mcdonalds for breakfast!! It was  good, but lame cuz they didnt have cinnamon melts or my bacon, egg, and cheese biscuits lol. It was funny!   After we taught a couple lessons and then Elder Barton got a call from an old investigator saying she had a present for him. And she met up with us and gave us.... and iguana!!!!! she made us take it, so we found a member family and gave it to them lol. So funny! Then Tuesday was our ward activity and baptism of Hermana Neri =) it was super stressful because we organized the whole thing b ut the whole ward had their rooms with their different organizations and we had 12 new investigators there and they got a tour of the church and then got to watch the baptism of Hermana Neri and then    we all had food =) it turned out so well! It went super late though and we didnt get back to the house until 10 haha. Oops! But Neri was baptized by Elder Barton and it was so nice =) the Spirit was so strong and I know that without baptism we cannon enter the kingdom of God because it is one of the saving ordinances.
Wednesday, November 7th! we found out Obama won today!! We didnt know and so all of us elders were callin geach other to try and figure out who knew! lol. 
Thursday, november 8th!  This day was really good.  I had a really cool experience tonight. Walking home the stars were so bright and we saw a planet. I looked up and just felt such peace. Such peace knowing that this is exactly where Im supposed to be right now. In Cancun, Mexico, serving my mision for the Lord =) sometimes its hard. Missionary work is hard stuff. We get looked at sometimes  like what the heck.... or rejected at doors as were contacting a reference, or chuckled at our Spanish, but the Lord suffered all these things, and so much more for each of us. Looking up at the stars and the moon, I  witnessed the beautfy of everything he created. I felt sooooo good and so happy to be able to seve him, my Savior and King =) I love the church and the Gospel so much and its so awesome to be able to share it with those who want to know more.  Also today,,,, Hermana Febes family gave us a thing to warm  buckets of water up with so weve had warm showers!!!!!!!!!! AHHHHHHH!!!! haha. Its been amazing =)
November 9th, Friday =) Elder Barton and I are getting along great =) we havent had problems before, but he really got a burst of energy this week and we have been workin ghard and just laughing and having a blast being together =)  We got a couple new investigators from references today, one named Patsy who is super nice. Like 24 and just hilarious so were excited to teach her. She wants to be baptized and the rest of her family was just baptized in another area      . We watched the Restoration movie that night also with Hermana Neri and her son and daughter in law. They loved it and the Spirit was so strong! We got fed by them and then by Hermana Febe lol.  Dad.... its so cool cuz Hermana Febe is super involved in Politics and stuff, so I was asking her all about Mexican politics, and she said she was heavily involved in the Chiapas Revolution in 1994! That created the new 3rd party here in Mexico. She is so cool adn we love chatting with her =) especially me cuz she knows her history lol. Im kind of a history buff =) haha.
Saturday, November 10th! I finished my 2nd journal so I have 2 full journals and am workin gon my 3rd and big one!!! So thats exciting. today was great though, we taught like 7 lessons and were so busy all day. we have been even more busy with contacting and gaining references from members taht we dont miss knocking doors at all haha. So yea Mom, we have been more busy =)  Elder Barton was a little sick today, but we had such a good day. The lessons were super fun and we got to go to a baptism of Elders Schwab and Rodriguez in our district (the baptism of Patsys family and see Patsy)
Sunday November 11th! Sundays are so stressful because we work so soo sooo hard at lessons and everything with investigators all week, and then Saturday night put it all in the Lords hands and pray they will come to church =) we didnt have all  of our investigators there, but the Lord blessed us so much and we had 6! It felt so good and they loved it and felt the Spirit strong =) After we did studies and had lunch and then had 2 lesssons and a noche de hogar with all of Hermana Neris and Febes family =) it was the best lesson Elder Barton and I had ever taught! we made steps out of paper and we drew like a heaven on a piece of paper and we did the steps to heaven and put them on the ground and then watched a video that we had about John Rowe Moyle =) look him up!! An amazing story. But yea, it was so good and everyone loved it =) we also ahd a  dinner there. So I definitely get fed so much haha.
 Elder Barton and I were so blessed this week with a baptism, and we taught over 30 lessons this week!!!!  I will miss him so much and will get my new comp in like 2 weeks! But were trying to get at least 2 more baptisms before he leaves =)
So that was my week! it was so good and I felt the Spirit so strong and I love this Gospel =)   I hope everyone is doing so well and everyone has so much fun at the cabin!! I think its this week.... maybe its next week =) and ahhhhh!!! good luck austin with the mission call =) I CANT WAIT!!!
I love you all more than life itself and am so excited to live for eternity with you as my amazing family =) stay strong, make good choices, and I pray for you all by name daily!!!
With all my love, Elder Hoyt =) Seth =)  Little seth =) Sethie Poo =)

Week 9: The Day to Day Play by Play & A Happy Halloween

Hola Fam Bam!! Wow.... what a week! So much happens in a week.... its just crazy. I hope this finds everyone doing so well and enjoying and loving life =) This week Im going to try something that my friend Elder Schwab says he does. Ill take like a paragraph and answer questions and stuff from the emails this week and such, and then give like day to day updates with some of the stories and announcements that happened this week. 

So, to start out.... Loved the pics this week =) SO AWESOME that you got to go home austin =) I was so happy for you! Obviously we beat amador =) haha. And everyone looks sooooo good in the pics of all the family together =) seriously..... Austin and Spencer look so buff and just so handsome =) Madi.... you look gorgeous!! you are so cute in your braces and you are rocking basketball it sounds like =) and parker you look so happy and good =) you are so big and buff too!  AND Mom =)=) Dang!! the working out is paying off cuz you are looking soooooo good as usual =) and Dad... you too! You both look so good =) I hope you all had a great HaLLOween. Loved your costumes! And I loved the pics of camis baby =) send my congrats! And I pray for Grandma Hansen =) Love her so much! Thanks Grandma for the update from Caleb and from you and the fam =) love getting those! Mom... you dont need to forward the emails from John Hokanson. Thanks though! Hayley, Im glad you are doing so good =) and finally got my letter!! I hope Cass and Ash and Taryn have gotten all of theirs =) haha. Thanks for the christmas packages that are on their way too!! And btw Hayley.... loved the online album thing!!! That worked soooooo well!!! Soo cool =) I wont be able to send letters this week cuz we arent sending the vallija back.... but next week more letters will be out on their way!! Im picking up mail today  so Ill get more Dear Elders from everyone today =) and letters! haha. 

Well, this week was great so here we go! 

Monday October 29th! Great P Day. We wrote, did laundry, had pizza for lunch with soem of our favorite members, and then relaxed a little. We had district meetings whihc was fun =) we have a new elder in our zone named Elder Hauser from BYU.... we recognized each other and so are having fun comparing who we knew at BYU =) lol. After we had a noche de hogar with the fam Mireles Mokul =) she makes cakes for a living and we taught the Restoration and then asked for references and she made us amazing pancakes =) haha. Hot cakes they call them here. 

Tuesday October 30th! Our showers have been freezing every morning lately!!!! SOOOOO COOOLLLDDD!! haha. But its ok cuz I dont have to deal with cold weather like all the other missionareis =) tylers freezing his butt off right now lol. I also had a great lesson personally this morning. I focused on studying and praying about hwo I can best focus on my mission and not be distracted by stuff. I came to realize with the Lords help that I can have all my friends and family at home, and they can be writing me, and I can think about them every P Day cuz those are the days that we raise our periscopes from the submarine of missionary life =) but the other days I have been really focusing on the work... and not thinking about missing everyone, only in my prayers when I pray for you all by name =) that works so well!! I find throughout the week I still get little reminders of the fam and friends but I am able to focus on the work I have too =) having the best family and friends at home praying and rooting for me is the best thing ever =) Know that I am trying  as hard as I can to focus and work as hard as I possibly can. I miss you family soooooo much.... but love you sooooo much and that is why I am doing a mission =) serving those who dont know that hteir families can be together forever, and teaching them that they can be together forever!! Its amazing =) hard... but so worth it. Also.... it was cold that night in Cancun!! everyone was wrapped in blankets and sweaters lol. 

Wednesday October 31st!! halloween =) HAPPY HALLOWEEN! haha. We carved a pumpkin today =) outside our house with a member named Jesus from another ward but who loves to help all the missioaries out. he is 20 and preparing for his mission! Our convert alysia told us today that she is leaving for Tabasco this weekend so that was sad. I also went on Divisions for the first time! we had splits tonight with the Elders Quruom president and I went with him and visited 3 families =) all in Spanish!!! it was so good. haha. 

Thursday ovember 1st! Elder Bartons birthday was today so I got him a bunch of junk from the gas station the night before and set it all up and sang him happy birthday when we got up!! It was fun. We had lessons all day and Orlando and Mariela =) orlando is a member and Mariela is getting baptized as soon as we get their marriage papres got us a cake =) then Hermana Febe and Nerie made us a huge dinner and cake and we had a lesson and party over there with their whole family =) so fun!! 

Friday November 2nd.. we had a zone conference meeting. It was announced that in this mission, and I dont know about any other yet, but im sure it will be.... that we are not allowed to knock doors anymore. THere is no more tracting in missionary work!!! We are only to work with members and get references =) its super cool. We get to work so closely with the ward and members, and investigators will be from members so they can be their friends =) it is against the rules to knock a random door, unless we are specifically prompted by the Spirit. So cool =)  After that we had divisions with the Zone leaders and I had Elder Vasquez from Mexico City. We were in our area and it was awesome!! i showed him the whole area and we had appts and lessons and we talked all spanish =) it was so fun and we had a blast!! It was fun having a native comp... and im excited to have more in the future. We taught a new investigator named Yolanda, and she had questions of the plan of Salvation so we taught it to her, and she recognized it immediately =) it was so cool cuz in my patriarchal blessing it talks about how we will teach the Plan of salvation on my mission and there will be those who recognize it =) i felt the Spirit working with her and teaching her the truth of it =) so awesome!!

Saturday November 3rd... Today was great =) we had an awesome lesson with Eduardo... who also needs to get married for his baptism. But his wife doesnt want it. So... hge is thinking about moving out till she does. Its a crazy hard decision.... but he knows the church is true and he is so humble and sincere. I love him =) 

Sunday November 4th =) Had hermana Neries baptismal invterview today for tUESDAY!! She is so excited and her whole familyu is coming. We also worked withgthe Ward Council and are super excited for our ward activity this Tuesday night before the baptism!! we will have so many people coming =) 

So,,,l that was my week!!! It was pretty good =) we are super excited to work so hard with the members and teach lots of people. Cant wait for our baptism this Tuesday =) and we are starting to teach her whole family =) I hope this ifnds all of you well and loving life!! I pray for you all every day and love you all soooooooo much!!! Cant even put it into typed words how much I love you all and miss you =) I know this Church is true with all my heart =) 

With all my love, Elder Hoyt =) Seth =) Little Seth =) Sethie Poo =)