Sunday, December 30, 2012

Week 15: "This truly is not my mission, this is the Lord's mission."

Wow Fam Bam!!!! This past week has been amazing. One of the hardest, but most rewarding, and best ones of my mission. So much happened and I cant wait to write all about it and then in one week, Ill tell you all about it =) One week until we will be able to talk on the phone!!! WOOOO!!!! We cant skype but we will be able to talk on the phone. Ok.... heres whats going to happen.  The members that live in front of us have a landline that we are going to use. So..... I will be at their house next Tuesday, the 25th, at 11 =) So that will be 9 in the morning for you all. I figure that will be fine for you all =) if you want another time, tell me next week in the email haha. So 9 in the morning your time, you will call this number =) 019982891179. Perfect! Ill be waiting in their house for you to call =) if it doesnt work the first time, try again haha. Itll work =) every year they have the Americans over to their house to use the phone lol. Im so excited =) cant wait to hear all of your voices!!!! 

well fam bam =) Sounds like you all had an amazing week. I think youre in San Diego right now =) How awesome!!!! Im so excited for you all. enjoy beautiful san Diego and our second family, the Aionos =) Love you all so much, take care of them haylz lol. I also got your package this past week haylz =) Im sooooo pumped to open up the gifts and letters that you and my fam all sent =) I also got some Dear elders this past week from hayley, suzie, Gaylene, and a christmas card from the Adaires. Thanks so much all =) glad to see everyone is doing so well.  Have so much fun in San Diego and take lots of pics =) 

Well, Im giong to go through this past week.    It is.... wow... amazing. This truly is not my mission. This is the Lords mission.And I have this oppurtunity to be his mouth. His hands in the lives of those we teach. And I have been given the oppurtunity to serve as a leader here in the mission. Im still so humbled, daily by that trust that the Lord has in me. I love my Heavenly Father and savior jesus Christ so much. And this Christmas Season makes me think of them even more, the love I have for them, and for you my family =) Sure, Chrtistmas for every missionary is a little hard, to be so far away. But this Christmas is going to be awesome. I truly cant wait =) Thanks so much for the love and support you all show me. the prayers are truly felt every day, and I love you all. 

Well, Monday, December 10, we had 2 lessons with members tonight and then an interview for a baptism for the other leders in our ward. I truly love giving baptismal interviews. I dont know if I told you all that, that I get to give baptismal interviews becuse I am the district Leader. It is such an amazing oppurtunity to see the growth of people as they have made the neccesary changes in their lives to follow Jesus Christ and enter the waters of baptism. 

Tuesday, December 11th. Today was crazy. We woke up in the middle of the night to a huge tropical storm, and all day Tuesday it rained. WE had our sweaters on, raincoats, bags, and everything and we still got absolutely soaked haha. So fun =) we had a couple lessons but couldnt go too far because literally the steets were completely flooded and we couldnt go anywhere. haha. It was pretty crazy. Then in the night I went on Dvisions with the other elders in our ward to help them in their area. So I was with elder Moreno fo a day in their area. 

Wednesday December 12th, today i was with elder Moreno and we got soakedagainasthe rain continued. hahaha. We had some good lessons though. 

Thursday, December 13th. The rain finally stopped today. Our shoes were soaked and luckily I had my other pair that I wore for a couple days while the other ones dried haha. Today we hada great day of teaching. We had a lesson with 3 young adults that we got a reference for. They are so awesome! Their names are Anai, Jordan, and Luis. =) Luis is looking fof faith in Christ right now, and we have the amazing oppurtunity to help him in his search to truly find Christ in his life. Anai and Jordan are dating and are interested to know more. And tonight II went on Divisions with the other elders in our district, Coba. I was with elder Santamaria and had a blast. =) we sent our sons together and they were in our area and did a great job =) We also got told that in a pueblo like 2 hours from here, the branch has a baptism and no missionaries are there. So we get to go this week and baptize her after making sure she is ready. So that will be cool =) 

Friday, December 14th. I was in Coba with elder santmaria. We found some new families to teach for them and got some references. The other 2 areas in my district were having problems, so I went on division with them to help them, and I feel it truly did help. Ive been praying so hard for them. They are seeing more success now. 

Saturday, December 1 5th. We had an amazing lesson today with Jordan, Anai, and  Luis and some of the young single adults of the ward. The Spirit was so strong as we taught about faith in jesus Christ and we were prompted to invite them all to be baptized. Luis said right now no, but he is reading the Book of Mormon so fast and truly is starting to see faith. He will be baptized. anai and jordan said yes! It was so awesome and a great lesson =) 

Sunday, December 16th. We had 4  investigators in the church today =) 2 new ones, and 2 old. So that was cool =) we are working so hard to have baptisms by the end of the month. We want to see our investigators make this covenant in their lives so they can work on getting to the temple =) we also found a new family to teach today. The kids are Paulina and Luis and they are grandchildren of some grandparents in our ward. Im excited to work with them =) we had an awesome lesson on praying in families =) then tonight we went on Divisions again with Elder Santamaria to meet a couple other district leaders in their house to all stay the night to go to the training the next day. =) 

Monday, December 17th =) WOW!!!! Firsst day of training with President. It was 12 hours long. Absolutely amazing. The Spirit was so strong and I learned so many amazing things about how I should lead, how we should teach, and waht we need to be doing as leaders. One of my favorite things that President said today was that artists create painting, musical pieces, sculptures, buildings. Missionaries create lessons and sculpt testimonies. WOW!!!! We truly are in the work of the Lord and are teaching principles that are so true. They will change lives for ETERNITY!!! I love my mission so much =) 

Tuesday, December 18th =) aother 12 hours of training =) it was so good.... we really worked on the gift of discernement and how we can know what investigators are thinking with the Spirit of the Lord. Everyone has in them the light of Christ, and when that is paired with the spirit of the message that we bring, everyone feels in their heart the message of Christ and his Church on the earth. Like it says in Preach My Gospel, the Gospel has a familiar ring to them. Its so true becasue everyone chose to come down to this Earth. were just reminding everyone of the promise we made there in heaven =)

So that was my week pretty much!! OH ALSO!!! we have a huge leak of water in our house.... so we have to find a new house haha. we have 2 weeks to find a new one and then move in January. Its pretty exciting =) we get to house shop while teaching lol.

well..... We will email one more time before we call next week =) I love you all sooooooo much and pray for you all daily =) have an amazing week and be safe!!! 

with all my love!!!! Elder Hoyt =) Seth =) Little Seth =) Sethie Poo =) 

Elder Hoyt with recent converts, that Luna family. He loves them so much!

Elder Hoyt dancing in the rain. Getting soaked & enjoying the Tropical Storms of Mexico!

Elder Hoyt and his amazing friends of his generation, Elder Estrada and Elder Jaussi. This was after their leadership training!

Elder Hoyt still being his goofy self! 

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