Sunday, December 30, 2012

Week 14: Baptism & Eternal Perspective

Hola Fam Bam! Wow.... this week has flown by. I cant believe how fast it has gone haha. The time seems to be picking up now, Im about to hit 7 months in just a week and a half. what the heck?? lol. couple things to start, Mom and fam bam =) I am sooooooo excited to talk to you all this Christmas!!! In just 2 weeks =) we all get 40 mins here.... and I will check if we are allowed to skype =) if not Mom and dad, we need to know how you want to do this. I can either give you a number of a members house here and you can call me at that number at a certain time on the 25th and Ill be in the house waiting =) or you can all be waiting for me and I can call from a calling cafe here. Either you call me and pay, or I call you and pay. I would rather you call me at a members house and then I can talk there =) how does that sound? Let me know and Ill get the number and house and time all figured out this next week =) So, let me know this week if you can call and pay the long distance for the 40 minute phone call, and Ill get the number and the time for you all =) And ill check on the skype as well!

Also, I dont have a camera cable =) so.... if you could send me one in the next package that would be great. I cant find one here haha. ill live with elder calderons hopefully until you can send one haha. Yep... we got to help decorate a christmas tree =) I love the Hermana Febe and her family!!! also, we got nerd glasses =) Elder Barton and I before he left. Yes siblings.... I can still be a nerd on the mission =) hahaha. YES!!!! 

Well, this week was so awesome. we worked so hard, and our numbers for this week showed for it. Our Heavenly Father truly blessed us this week, and we saw so many blessings in our week. Its awesome, my testimony of every aspect of the Gospel has been strengthened by my mission so far. Whenever I have anything to do, or decide, I take it to the Lord. My testimony of prayer has grown so much, and also the eternal perspective that I have for myelf and for my investigators has been broadened and deepened. I want to see my investigators enter the temple so badly, just like when I return and am ready to be married I will do with a wife someday. I know that my family, all of you Mom, Dad, austin, spencer, madi and Parker, we will all be together forever =) and I want this for my investigators too.The mission is a beautiful thing,and I am trying as hard as I can to put my all into it in order to never have regrets. 

So, this week.... =) 

Lunes, December 3rd =) . We had to go to our Zone leaders house to do some things, so I go to chat over there with our new Zone Leader elder Griffiths and my good friend Elder Schwab for a while. I love them, well really I love our whole zone =)  After we did laundry and I read al the letters I got that past week... (tis week we dont get the mail.... sowewill get it next week. And we have training on the 18th and 19th for the leaders.... and we will get alll of our packages then... so Hayley Ill get your package then =) I cant wait! I have the one from my fam.... and then Ill get Hayleys =) its going to be a great Christmas!!! then, that night we had our first District Meeting. It went so well. an hour and a half of me talking in Spanish, with all of our other elders, but I loved it. It was so much fun, we used games and snacks, just like lessons that I always love teaching =) 

Tuesday, December 4th =) Today was Hermana Marianas baptism =) it went so well and we absolutely love her!!!! 

Wednesday, December 5th =) Tday was a good day. we have been working in an area callled urbi that has a lot of references right now, and working with the members there. So we spent an afternoon there serving a less active family, and contacting a family of riends of theres. We pulled weeds with them =) needless to say I was thinking of growing up hahaha. Dad!!! =) the bear!! lol. Glad to see that the kids will stll have work to do at the new house =) haha. Then, tonight we had a lesson with a new investigator named Gabriel. He is amazing. So prepared. This was our first lesson with him and he expressed to us his desire to chage his life, to rid himself of guilt and everything, and he cant wait to be baptized. The Spirit was so strong, and he set the date for the 27th of this month. 

Thursday, December 6th =) Tday was another great day, full of lessons and checking on investigators and everything. we had another lesson with Gabriel on the Restoration of the Gospel, and it was the most powerful lesson I have had yet on the mission. I had the opporutunity to recite from memory the Frst Vision. and for the first time on my mision in a lesson, it brought tears to my eyes. The power of the Restoration and of our Heavenly Father is so evident in the First Vision. I know Joseph Smith was a true prophet. Gabriel had tears in his eyes, and we had a sister with us that is 26 like Gabriel, and she was crying. Wow..... it was amazing. I loved it so much =) that is why I am on  a mission. To help people realize the truth of this message, and how it will change their very desires and eerything that they are, like it has changed me =) 

Friday, December 7th =) today we had Zone Meeting. we got lots o new announcements like    we have to have in our wards mission leaders and family history classes and misionaries of the ward and list of less actives. If we dont our areas could get closed. we were stressing cuz our bisop hadnt called anyone yet.... but this Sunday we got a ward mission leader who I love!!!! =) and everything. So we wont get closed =) hahahaha. But in the zone meting, the zone leaders had asked me to give a 15 minute training on how to work with less actives, cuz we have the higest number of less actives lessons and in the chapel in the zone. we are counting less actives in the chapel now too. sooooo..... that was awesome. I loved it and talked for 20 minutes in all spanish, with scriptures and everything. thanks to our heavenly Father, Spanish is coming =) Then i had divisions with elder Rivera and that was a blast. 

Saturday, December 8th, =) Finished divisions with Leder Rivera. Loved talking english with him, cuz he studied in London and learned english. >SO that was fun, also we heard today that like the 21st and 22nd there is going to be no sun for 3 dyas?? whats all thi about haha. IF you could let me know thatd be awesome lol. we heard that the planets will be lined up or something.... haha. end of the world lol. We had another good day of teaching and contacting. we received a ton of references from the members this week, and taught a bnch of new people and got more refrences so we have  alot of work to do. Our goal is to baptize 7 tis mont, and we have 1 now. We got our work cut out!!!!

Sunday, December 9th =) Today was great!! 5 investigators in the chapel and then we had a good day with members and lesson after =) 

Today we cleaned the house and it looks spotless =) funny story, we cleaned the tile floors with acid, and i put way too much down hahaha. It made an acid cloud that I accidentally like breathed in, and started coughing super bad. we had to wait outside the house for 45 mins till the cloud left hahahahaha. Oops lol. Needless to say I miss carpet haha. 

well my dearest family and friends.... it was a great week =) I miss you all so much and spencer and madi and hayley and other people I actualy have some time to write letters to today so Ill write those and send them off =) KNow that I love each and every one of you and I feel your support every day =) I pray for you all and hope you are al safe. the house looks great =) Hope everyone is excited for Christmas! remember to always share the Gospel and stay strong =) I love you all so much =) 

with all my love, Seth =) Elder Hoyt =) Sethie Poo =) Little Seth =) 

Some pics for you all. The first is me and Elder Rivera, one of the elders in my ward with the primary kids =) 

Next is my comp and I =) Elder calderon on the day that I gave birth to him haha. 

We baptized hermana mariana this week and this is her and her son =) hopefully her husband carlos will be either next week or the next!!! 

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