Thursday, December 6, 2012

Week 13: December & District Leader

Hola Fam Bam and amazing friends =) Happy december! crazy!!! the time is flying by.... its really super weird. haha. Hope all is well back in the states and I am so happy right now =) everything is great!!! First of all..... AHHHHHHHH!!! Oh Austin I am sosooooooo proud, happy, ecstatic, thrilled, excited, pumped, and so filled with love for you =) you will be serving in Denver Colorado. All I have ever heard about there is amazing things, and the people will love you. especially cuz youll have lots of BYU fans hahaha. I am so excited for you to go =) and so happy you will have some time at home =) congratulations austin =) my best friend. i love you and the fact that you are serving a mission for our Lord and Savior means the world to me =) I cant wait to be home when spencer gets his call and then parker! And you too Madi if you end up serving =) Know that I have such a strong love for missionary work. It is my world right now, I eat, breathe, and sleep missionay work. It consumes my thoughts, Im trying to fill my thoughts with my investigators. But you wll love your mission austin =) and how cool in english! the work is different in the states and in english and Im super pumped to compare my work with yours and see the differences, but same sucess =) I love you. 

I am also so excited the fam bam is all moved into the new houe =) ahhhhh!!! That is so exciting. I hope it all went well and everyone is adjusting and loving it. Im excited you get to decorate it how you want Mom =) and dad... hope you got the new TV you had been wanting =) and I got dear elders from the whole fam and a letter from madi this past week and everyone is so excited for their new rooms and everything. great job fam bam =) haha. and the blessings will just double now with 2 misionaries out here pretty soon =) You all sound so good =) Im so happy everyone is doin so well. hayley, you sound great too, and I hope Cass and Nige and everyone are doing well =) and taryn and ash and everyone lol. 

As for me, wow... what a week. As everyone knows, I got called to be the District Leader of our District. I have 4 Districts in my zone, including my amazing zone leaders, and tonight I will give my first District Meeting. In Spanish. An hour and a half. Im a little nervous, but we are going to have a blast. I also got called last week to be a trainer. Wow! Like everyone said in their emails to me, yep. I was overwhelmed. It was a lot. I had to pray so much, and it was a comfort to have Elder Barton with us our first day, but after that I was on my own. Even though, Im never on my own. I always have my heavenly Father, and that has helped soooooo much. More than anything, I have said so many prayers this week. =) My son is named Elder Calderon. he is from Durango, Durango, is 23 and has graduated from college already in Electrical Engineering. He is really nice, at times I feel like he thinks Im a little immature, but Im only 19 and I love to smile and laugh hahahaha. But its great. hes a funny guy and we like to joke around. He is learning english and is realy not bad, and I am learning Spanish fully so its a great exchange. Im going to go through my days now, and tell you all about this past week. I love you all =) 

Monday, November 26th =) I went to Merida super early, got up at 3=30 to be to ADO(the buses) on time haha. went and picked up my son =) Im a Father at 6 months!!! lol. Then we came back adn got back in late. 

Tuesday, November 27th =) we got up and did studies and Ihelped Elder Barton pack up some stuff. Then we had to do some laundry, and then had a lesson with mariana, who is getting baptized this week!!!! Then went to ward Night and got some references and introduced everyone to Elder Calderon. 

Wednesday, November 28th.=) Today we got up early to take Elder Barton to ADO: Having to drop him and the other eldcers that were leaving was hard, but I will truly miss Elder Barton. and he has letters for the fam and haylz and some other people, so go to his homecoming. haha. His email Haylz and Austin is brant with an underscore that Idont know how to do on this keyboard haha. brant (underscore) barton64 at sign Awesome =) We dropped him of and came back and I was literally alone in our area. WOW! That morning was  a little overwhelming. But, with so much prayer that morning, I truly felt comforted. It is a new thing to be in charge of lessons, and what direction we are going to take, and what to do when an investigator doesnt read. But Im learning. 

Thursday, November 29th =) Today we had a full day of studying and then contacting. This pst week starting today we were able to give 4 different blessings. Priesthood blessings are amazing and so cool to give. The Spirit is always so strong and I know tha the Priesthood is real. Its a litle hard in spanish, but I feel the Spirit helping me when I give them. 

Friday November 30th, Today we had another really busy day! and as senior companion I feel like we never have enought time to visit everyone that I want to lol. But we are teacing like 7 people right now, that we have all of them as goals to baptize this month!!! so we have a lot of work to do, but we are super excited =) 

Saturday, December 1st =) WOW!!! December haha. crazy lol. we had a good day today and a cool lesson with a new woman and her son. they have no idea how to read, well thye are both learning. So we are helping them read and teaching at the same time. I love helping the little boy with his homework. Its really cool =) funny story from today. we were walking and we said hi in passing to some guys, and one of them turned around and was gay and was like HOla papi. super creepy!! elder Calderon laughed so hard haha. then we got to a lesson and the little girl asked where my comp was, barton, and I said he left. and she said to her friends, th other handsome one left, but we still have one haha. yep, americans like me and barton are hard to come by here =) hahahaha. 

Sunday December 2nd =) fast and testimony meting which was really good =) We had the interview fo Mariana who is getting baptized tomorrow =) were so excited!!! then we went and had lunch and appointments and finished the night with an investigator named Norberto who is leaving in a week for tabasco!!! NOOOO!!! But hell come back in like 3 months. he is realy good friends with new converts the Luna Family who I love =) We have had great lessons with them and he cant wait to come back and be baptized and get on the path of salvation as he says lol. 

So yea, thats me =) Tonight I get to direct my first meeting, and then after Im giving a baptismal interview. WOW. Im super excited and loving the work. Sometimes I miss home, but I am truly accustomed to life here and loving it =) I sleep amazing, eat well, and the spiritual experiences I have daily i would never trade anything for =) I love you all so much. I got a bunch of Dear Elders this week from Spencer, Mom, dad, Suzie, Gaylene, and letters from madi and a letter from Easton in Africa!!!! so col =) 

Well, I love you all so much and pray for you all daily =) have an amazing week in the new house, and take pics and send them =) I love you al!!!! 

with all my love, Elder Hoyt =) Seth =) Sethie Poo =) Litle Seth =) 

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