Monday, September 17, 2012

Week 2: Immersed In The Culture & The Work

Hola fam bam!! Wow.... week 2 in Mexico. That is just crazy! Im going to write as much as I can and then send all of the pictures for you all. Know that I am doing so well, loving my mission, missing home of course as everyone does, but seriously loving it here in Mexico. Sometimes I still cant believe im not in the US haha. But then I look around and I know im not lol. But I love it and feel the Spirit daily working with me and I feel the hand of our Lord and Savior helping to mold me into the missionary that he wants me to be.

First off, YES! So Dear Elders work really well here. They take like a week or two only to get them. We get mail in packets from the mission office every Monday night at District Meeting so I will see tonight if yours all got here. If not they will be here next week Im sure. But yes! Letters take like up to t3 weeks, but Dear Elders get to me in like 1 or 2. So tell everyone to send those out. So everyone who gets this email and still wants to write me haha. Dear Elders would be good, and im pretty sure theyre free? haha. Also, Cass I need your new BYU address to write you. I wrote Hayley and Taryn and I need to write Cass lol. Also Ashley C. thatd be awesome! So maybe send a Dear Elder my way.

Well, this has been my 2nd week in Cancun Mexico. It has been great! Not as hot as the first week because there has been rain almost every day but like on and off and some wind. My Spanish is going well.... most of the time haha. I still get a little frusturated when they talk to fast or in a different accent that I cant get lol. But I know that I iwll get it. All the members and investigators help me learn, and Elder Barton is awesome in helping me learn as well. So I am working at that and being immersed in it is teaching me a lot. I gave almost the whole Restoration lesson the other day as we practiced with some members! And im feeling comfortable to open my mouth in lessons and testify and give some points of the lesson (with some mistakes of course lol) but hey! Mistakes are all part of the experience lol.

The food here is so good! I have already had some amazing mexican food, as well as hamburgers and pizza =) who knew?? lol. We have Dominos like once a week. I loved that email from the Elder that got home from here Mom, cuz yea we dont use the bug spray or the mosquito net lol.

So we have 2 baptisms tomorrow!! ONe is Alysia and she is 19. Elder Barton started teaching her and then I came in and we helped her really get the desire to pray and feel the Spirit. Last night we watched the Joseph Smith movie with her at a members house named Thalia who is one of her friends and their whole family (who are awesome). And Alysia cried during the movie and said that she knew Joseph Smith was a true prophet. The Spirit testified to me once again that Joseph Smith really is a true prophet and restored the church of Jesus Christ to the Earth. Our other baptism is Oscar, who is 29 and is married to a member and has 3 little kids. He and his wife had some problems this week that we helped them work through. Like in short she tried like hitting him and stuff cuz she thought he was cheating and yea....the Lord had us in the right situation at the right time and we and the Bishop were really able to help them. It never ceases to amaze me with how much the Lord trusts his missionaries with. After this, I was just like wow.... what else can the Lord have us take? haha. But I always remember what it says in the scriptures how we will never be given more than we can handle. So Alysia both didnt come to church yesterday and Alysia and he missed their interviews!!! we were freaking out haha. Theyve already gone their 3 times to church, so we rescheduled the interviews to tonight so thats good. Its all looking good! I might get a chance to baptize one of them =)

So our area is Palma I. in Cancun. We live about 30 minutes from the resorts and hotels on the beach lol. We have some middle class areas and some super poor areas. Every floor is tile, and everything is pretty dirty. THe bugs havent been too bad lol. THe other day I was in the bathrooom downstairs cuz Elder Barton was in the upstairs and a cockroach crawled out from the toilet paper when I went to use it hahaha. I yelled so loud! lol. But our house is great, we are still deep cleaning lol. But one of my favorite times of the day besides when we go out has become personal study. I am almost done with the BOM after starting it again on June 3rd! So thats awesome. And i have been reading the last General COnference and cant wait for the upcoming one =)

What else.... its hot. I shower night and morning to just get the dried sweat off lol. But my face is doing surprisngly well. We walk and ride buses and taxis everywhere so thats fun lol. The members are great and super nice and tomorrow night we have a talent show in the ward and the elders are going to sing. There are 2 other Elders in our ward with us, so thats super nice that were only covering 2 wards.

I loved hearing about how you are all doing!! Im going to stop this email and send all the pics and talk about the pics =) Cant wait to hear from you all soon and I love you all so much and pray for each of you by name each night =) I hope everything is good!!! Love you =)
Seth =) Elder Hoyt!

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