Sunday, September 16, 2012

One of Elder Hoyts Letters From Idaho

Hola mi familia! :)
Well, first week down in the mission field in my temporary assignment of Boise, Idaho. I am serving in the Central Boise Stake and cover quite a large area. Its about a half hour bike ride to either side of it, but we are enjoying it even in this heat. I'll kind of answer some of your email and then tell you all about my past week.
Sounds like Fair went so well! I'm so proud of you both Madi and Parker for showing :) sorry Madi yours didn't make weight, but glad you can sell that on the side. And awesome Parker.... 6 dollars a pound is great!! That will be nice to have some Madi between the 2 of you. And wow.... our last year of Fair. How many years later?? haha. Thats awesome.
Glad Mom that Fair and your Girls Camp Slide Show is out of the way!! Thats a lot of stress taken off haha. Hopefully now you can actually enjoy your summer.
I'm so glad Hayley has been having fun there with the Goddes and Taryn and Cassidy and Ashley and alex! Thats hilarious to me that shes been driving my car. I laught hahaha. Since I always drove hers at BYU. I hope they all had so much fun at Fair :)
Exciting that Parker is starting football tonight, and I'm sure Spencer had a blast at Fair with all of his friends. Oh and I hope Madi had fun on Friday with Sean ;) haha. I thought about that a couple times on Friday and hoped that it was good to see him lol. But remember.... DONT DATE TILL 16!! ;) hahahaha. I know you wont. Cuz Austin and I and Spencer are pretty intimidating ;) haha.
Just a couple things first, so here in the mission field when I receive letters that are first sent to the mission home, thats the address we give out. And then mail everything first class or priority (whatever that exactly means) and then they can forward them to my apartment. I'd love to get some stuff!! haha. The address again is 1111 South Cole Road, Boise Idaho Mission Office, Boise ID 83709. Also, when I receive letters, all the elders just at night we usually have about 15 minutes after companion planning, and study and prayer, and journal writing (which I've been doing nightly) to write letters. So when I get them I can work at having them out. Obviously, I can't promise cuz thats not my focus, but P-Days are usually so busy that there isnt time to write letters hahahaha. Just thought I'd let everyone know.
Well well well... where do I start. We have been working hard here!!! So hard, and its only going to grow. First thing.... ITS HOT! Not as hot as Mexico but hot. 100's and high 90's. Thats pretty hot on a bike haha. I am on a bike. We are borrowing one from a member so thats been good. Its older and heavy, but works. Needless to say my legs are tired lol.
So, I'll kinda do an update on who Im teaching and stuff. So we cover 3 wards, C

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