Sunday, September 16, 2012

Week 1: The First Letter From Mexico & A Whole Lot Of New

Hola fam bam! Wow..... so much has happened haha. This is crazy. I have so much to write and 40 minutes lol. So many pictures to send as well. So here we go =)

Well, I am here in Mexico, Merida mission =) My first area is Cancun!!! hahaha. Can you believe that lol. Except Ill never see the beach here lol. Im in the inner city haha. So Ill just start with how I got here.

Well, after I got off the phone with the fam bam in California I tried Austin but he was at practice. left a voicemail and got onto the plane to MExico City =) filled out customs and everything and then got into Mexico City. We got off the plane into todo espanol!! AHHHHH! haha. Needless to say it was a little overwhelming. Then, after we filled out customs I had no idea where to go. I had a connecting flight and I neeeded to find the other elders going to Mexico. The other elders had to go, so I said bye to them and was on my own. WOW! I prayed the whole time hahahhaa. So... this guy came over and showed me in broken english and my broken spanish where to put my bag. Got that dropped off. And then was LOST! Had no idea where to go. I prayed and randomly found some elders, who were assistants in Mexico City. They said I had to go to the next terminal over on a bus. So they told me what to say and showed me where the bus was. Got on the bus, and he told me they didnt take cash. (I had my pesos but you needed a bus card) hahaha. All in Spanish lol. So I got off, then didnt know what to do, so prayed AGAIN! Ahhhhhh! Prayer works Im telling you cuz at that moment some random guy paid for me with his card and got me on the bus. So, talking with him he wasnt a member and he just felt bad for me cuz I looked so confused I guess lol. too funny. Got to the other terminal and was on my own again. SO i found where you get tickets and got my reserved ticket to Merida. THen I was walking out of that too the gate when I saw some elders. I was prompted to go talk to them.... and it was the other elders going to Merida!!!! And actually I had a friend in the group from BYU =) so we all got some food together real fast and went to the gates and made it right onto our plane like 5 minutes before it left. So I had no time to call and Im sooooo sorry but I got on safe =) haha. YAY! I testify that prayer really does work.

So after that we left for Merida. Landed in Merida and met the assistants and the amazing President Salinas =) I love him so much!!! He is just the best. We went from there to the mission home. Merida is awesome. It is colonial and modern mixed together, so hot, and soooooo chaotic lol. There are no road laws here in Mexico and people take advantage of that lol. Even the president hahahaha. Then to the mission home and met Sister Salinas who is very nice and caring and a very strong woman. After we went to the mission office and had a light dinner and then got our hamacas (hammocks) haha. Then went to bed. That first night was good.... a little long cuz it took some getting used to the hammocks but I was exhausted.

That next morning we all woke up and went to the mission home for some breakfast whihc was soooo good!! Then to the stake center right by the Merida temple whihc is right in the center of Merida =) we had training, and interviews there with the missiion president which went amazing. After that we had pizza.... YES! They have dominos here in Mexico =) needless to say I was ecstatic hahaha. Then found out our companions and areas. SO...... my trainer and companion for the next 12 weeks is Elder Brant Barton =) he has two months left and I will be his last companion. He is 6{4 and we just tower over everyone! Everyone laughed when the President put us together lol. After that we were assigned to Cancun =) haha. Then we went on a 4 hour bus ride to Cancun and got in about 10:30 and went directly to bed!

We woke up the next morning and got right to work. OUr house is good, dirty but we are in the process of deep cleaning haha. It is 2 floors and we sleep on the bottom cuz its cooler and study down there. I love my hammock! Ive been sleeping so well.... maybe cuz its just Im so exhausted lol. That day we did some stuff to get me used to the area and got some groceries and did some laundry and had lunch with the Bishops family.

Well, all I can say is that I love it here! I really do. It is so hot and humid. Whenever you are in the sun you sweat. Its a rule that you have a small towel on you at all times to wipe the sweat off. The food has been great! The weirdest things Ive had so far have been the Mexican agua. LIke tamarindo and melon and limon and orchatta. But I liked them all except natural tamarindo. That was hard to get down haha. This water is like fruit and stuff put in water so its tastes like it. Its interesting lol. I drink soooooo much water cuz I am not going to get dehydrated! Its hilarious here, the girls in the wards love the American elders. Thye have crushes on them, so we just have to ignore it. The missionaries call them musas hahahaha. Means muse lol.

Our investigators are great! We have like 5 on the verge of baptism that we have been working with. Language is the biggest barrier. I am trying so hard, and some days and people are better and easier to understand than others. When I get frusturated though, like I just did at lunch before this, I just focus and focus and listen with spiritual ears, and that helps. I feel comforted and remember that it will come if I put the work in and then I just work harder at getting to know the language. So Elder Barton is from utah and speaks English whihc is good, but we work on Spanish all the time. I am getting better about speaking up in lessons and trying so hard t5o get better at that.

The work is great... hard... but I love reading the scriptues and listening to my EFY music and working at learning Spanish and studying for my investigators. Elder >Barton and I get along great and have fun. He thinks Ill be training at the end of my training haha. Oh wow!!! But the people say my spanish is good for my first week! So thats good haha. But yea... I think thats about it. There is shopping centers like Wal Mart where we shop and we always have a huge lunch with members or investigators. Yesterday was stake conference which was so cool! The spirit was so strong and testified to me that the church truly is the same everywhere and President Salinas came and spoke and he was amazing =)

Well, I am going to send some pictures and stuff... but first about mail for like Hayley and Cass and Taryn =) hey btw! Shout out to Hayley and Cass and Taryn and Ashley =) Hope youre all well! Love you all =) but mail takes about 3 weeks to get here from the States and 3 weeks for me to send. We send and receive once a week on Monday nights at District meeting. My address for the mission office where you should send al the mail is
Elder Seth Russell Hoyt III
Mexico Merida Mission
Calle 45 (number sign) 527 Q y Calle 70
Col. Centro
97000 Merida, Yucatan

Perfect! And mom, please add these emails to the list. These are some of the families from Boise that wanted to add me =)
jetrtream0606at and twoodwickat and nblsjn at haha. the at is the at sign cuz i cant find it lol.

Ok.... I think that is it =) I love you all so much!! I loved all the updates this week. Austin sounds like hes doing amazing and so do Madi and Spencer and Parker. I have everyones pictures up on my desk =) and ahhhhhhh!!! Loved the fall pictures =) they look so old!! Madi is HOT! and Spencer has got to be beating the girls off with a large stick hahaha. And parker is just as cute as ever. And ahhhhh!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY PARKER IN 2 DAYS!!!! I love you and cant call you cute anymore cuz you are a big handsome boy lol. 11 years old. WOW!  And I pray for the house and you Mom and Dad daily =) I love you all sooooo much and cant wait to hear from you!!!!! LOVE YOU!!!!! Ill talk to you next week =) Every time IU look at our pictures on my desk I feel the Spirit testify that we will all be together forever and that I am helping others families have that same knowledge =) how great is my calling! Love you all =)

With all my love, Elder Hoyt =) Sethie poo haha.
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