Wednesday, September 5, 2012

A Mama's Update: Waiting, Visas, Idaho & Finally; Mexico!

Elder Hoyt left the MTC on July 23. His visa had not come in time so he was sent up to Boise Idaho. He was a very willing participant up there and loved it. He met some great families and  enjoyed his companions. He met the Hoffman family and was able to be a part of several baptisms. We wondered why he was sent to Boise but had faith that he was in the right place. He now knows he was sent up there to come in contact with the people that he met. They helped train him in how to be a missionary.  On August 13, 2012 he received word that his visa was approved. He was set to leave for Mexico on Sept 3, 2012. He was so excited to finally get the chance to go to Mexico but worked hard until the very end in Boise. He had to have an ingrown toenail taken out the week before he left Boise and we are hoping it does not get infected. He had some problems with his debit card also that week so it was a very busy week with alot for him to do! We got to talk to him from the Arizona airport and were hoping to talk to him when he got to the Mexico airport but have not heard word again. We assume he is safe and  sound there in Mexico and look forward to his emial this next week.

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