Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Week 17: And A Happy New Year!

hahaha.... Hola Fam Bam =) Mucho amor de aqui en Mexico =) I love you all so much and am so blessed to have you all supporting me daily. I feel your prayers guiding me and helping me feel the spirit as I work to be the missionary that my Lord and Savior wants me to be. Im going to start this off with a scripture this week. I love it soooo much. D and C, 103 verse 36. all about how our success and happiness will only be found if we are diligent, faithful, and if we pray with faith. I have SUCH a strong testimony of fatih and prayers and diligience. i have learned from my life growing up with my amazing examples of parents, Mom and Dad =) to always trust in the Lord and it will all be fine. This week was truly amazing and I loved it. 

First of, I hope the card and everything got figured out. We got paid again so I have money =) I heard if you Fed Ex the card it could get here a lot faster.... maybe try that... haha. Bt thanks so much =) Let me start that it was sooooo so so so so good to hear each of your voices =) Mom, Dad, Austin, Spencer, Madi, and Parker, and Haylz at the end =) . You all sound so amazing..... so happy.... and I truly have the best family ever haha. Loved the package and everyting in it from the fam. And haylz.... wow!!! Thanks so much for everything =) the presents were amazing and I love the tie clip, the scrapbook =) soooo much. The frame with the map.... only you would do something so creative =) I loved it all. and woooo!! I have my new BYU footbal shirt =) True Blue true and true.... even here in mexico =) From the pics from this week rom everyone, it looks like everyone had a great week. Love the new house =) It looks so god! cant wait to get those DVDs =) and madi.... your new outfit is gorgeous. Austin, spence, and big.... please keep the boys away from her.... at least till I get back haha. watch out for her haylz =) haha. And spencer...... HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOW!!!! I remember when i turned 16 and that is just crazy that now you are turning 16 haha. I love you so much andhope you had an amazing time at your surprise party =) and Austin.... youre going to Kylies!!! So FUN =) So excited for you. And looks like Mom, and madi and Lauren had so much fun on your date. Love you 3 =) Think that covers it for comments on the fam hahaha. also it washilarious..... right before chrsitmas like sunday... we were in a houe and they were listening to Christmas music on th internet.... and THE CELINE DION CHRISTMAS CD CAME ON!!!! I about started crying of laughter because we ALWAYS listen to that at Christmas. I remember austin, mom, and I all running around cleaning belting out OH HOLY NIGHT!!!!! hahahahahaha. The Lord truly keeps traditions going... cuz that is a tradition =) haha. 

Well, this week was awesome. we really didnt have too much time to work, because we had to be in our house early Monday, couldnt leave till 4 Tuesday, and all day Wednesday and Thursday we had training. But it was so good. Enjoy the day by day =) 

Tuesday, December 25th =) CHRISTMAS!!! Got to open presents and read all of my letters that I had had. Then I planned my training for the next day, and we went to call you beautfiul people =) which was so fun!!!! and the Hermana Febe and her fam thought it was just awesome and they all had ablast laughing at how animated I was and my english ahhahahaha. Then we went and ate lunch and a lesson with Luis who is progressing so much right now. He is almost finished with 2 Nephi. CRAZY! we should be having his baptism in the next 2 weeeks or so. =) 

Wednesday, December 26th =) Today we had our training. As zone leaders and district leaders and trainers, we taught our zone o like 18 elders for 2 days =) almost 24 hours of training with 7 of us haha. Pretty fun =) I taught for 2 hours on the Doctrine of Christ. I had treats and object lessons.... the works... you know me. I go all out =) It was a blast. and all in spanish. pretty fun. I learned today a lot about prayer.... and how whnever I feel inadequate or like I am not enougyh.... I can just pray and I will feel the confidence of the Lord in me. 

Thursday, December 27th =) Conference continued. It was awesome. Today I learned of the importance of truly teaching people, not lessons, and stressing the BOok of Mormon and Jesus Christ in everthing that we talk about. At lunch, Elder santmaria and I had practiced a hymn, Oh My father in spanish to sing with his guitar and me singing. So we sung that.... and thn had like a jam session with the missionaries for a bit. It was so fun =) I love love love to sing. And everyone here cant sing too amazing..... so they think Im amazing =) hahaha. so thats fun lol. Im always singing fo members cuz they ask me too lol. But truly.... truths of the gospel are in every hymn. we sing before every lesson.... and I love it =) Also.... we are teaching an entire family right now named Family Cordova =) They are so nice..... the Mom and dad who is very less active, and the 3 kids. we taught the Book of Momon and they are reading as a family.... and praying =) 

Friday, december 28th =) Today we had divisions with our zone leaders and elder Vazquez and I went to Ideal.... the pueblo to have a lesson with Hermana erika. She is so strong.... her husband is a Jehovahs witness and very against the Churc. But she is praying.... reading the Book of Mormon, and wants to be baptized so bad. Is hard for her to get to church cuz they live an hour from the chapel... and have to take a bus and they dont have money. So we are praying so much fo her. also.... she asked for a blessing of comfort and asked me to give it. So..... I have done so many annointings with oil for blessings... but this was my first blessing all bymyself. I gave it.... and felt the spirit so strong. I know the power of th Priesthood is real.... and I truly felt the Spirit guiding me in what I needed to say in order for Erika to truly feel that the Lord knows her personally and loves her. 

Saturday, December 29th =) Today was a whilrwind of a day. We had a bunch of lessons with ancient investigators that we went to contact and set appts ith for th coming week. then we passed by investigators in preperation to go to the Church. =)

Sunday, December 30th =) Sunday.... the test of the whole week hahahaha. and... the Lord truly blessed us this week. we had 8 investigators in the church with us!!!!!!! =)=) I was sooo happy that all of them were able to come to receive the blessings of living this commandment, and they truly felt the spirit so strong =) and next week we change schedule to 10 which will allow more to come. haha. Then we had some great lessons with some new investigators, and Luis, and Gabriel =) where i gave anotherblessing to his dad for the second time..... I did the sealing =) 

I know from this week that the Lord truly loves me =) I am here for a purpose..... and I love the people that I am serving. To end this week.... I want you all to listen to a song on the EFY CD for this year, 2012. Its the one about the misionary leaving.... his experiences.... and coming home. (Thanks Haylz) =) not going to lie.... I bawled when I listened to this song. This song is soooooo true. Right now, I am feeling such love for my mission. I miss home, Mom and dad and my brothers and sister and friends so much, but KNOW that this is wehre Im supposed to be. How can we not go on in so great a cause =) 

I love you all sooooo much... more than I could ever write or tell =) Tmorrow I have a bunch of letters to write to everyone. I hope people have been getting letters.... but if not tomorrow I will write and send next week =) I love you all and pray for each of you by name evry night =) 

with all my love, prayers, and strength of my ever growing testimony, 
Elder Hoyt =) Seth =) Little Seth =) Sethie Poo =) 

and btw.... HAPPY NEW YEARS!!!! I love you all so much =) Have a great night and day tomorrow =) loveyou!!!

Love, seth =)

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