Thursday, May 24, 2012

Goodbyes: Seth Leaves Home & Enters The MTC in Provo, Utah

On Tuesday May 22 we took Seth down to the Sacramento Airport to fly to SLC to stay with the Davis family for the night then enter the MTC on Wed. May 23, 2012. On the morning before we left for the airport mom was putting my shot record into the MTC website and they would not accept the date for the tetanus shot. So she was on the phone to Kaiser in a panic about getting one more shot!! So on the way to the airport Seth stopped to get a shot, put some checks in the bank and let the bank know he would be in Mexico for two years and to accept his debit card down there!! It made the morning very rushed and stressful and mom cried a  lot! Lauren and Nygel got to squeeze into the car to go to the airport with us! We all survived. But I tell you walking Seth walk up the escalator to security wiping his eyes and not being able to comfort him was very hard!! He got to go to Jordan Davis's graduation before he entered the MTC on Wednesday. That was special, they are close friends! Thanks to all who helped us celebrate Seth leaving! We have great friends!!

The Group at Elder Hoyt's open house!

One of my last kisses for two years!! I will miss those!

Seth And Madi at the airport when he left!! She will miss her brother!

Sacramento Airport the day Elder Hoyt left!

Family christmas cards are already done thanks to these pictures!!

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